I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


4. Damon, the romantic vampire

Chapter 4: Damon, the romantic vampire


I didn't see Damon or Stefan for the next couple of weeks. I decided to keep away from them. I wasn't sure that Stefan was actually gone, even though I kind of hoped so. Italy was good for him. There wasn't anything keeping him in Mystic Falls, and now that he knew I had a thing for Damon, it wasn't good staying here. It just hurt him. Damon just didn't show up anywhere. I always made sure that my windows were closed, so he couldn't come in. And in the day time, I made sure to always be surrounded by people. I wasn't sure that was going to make him keep his distance, but it did. And that is how I managed to keep Damon and Stefan Salvatore out of my life for 2 weeks. It all got ruined two days before the Founders Day Party.



I wasn't really thinking about the Founders Day Party. Of course I had to show up, but I expected to just show up, say hey and then go home. I didn't buy a new dress either. I just planned using one of my old dresses. I didn't want to dress up for half an hour at a party. That plan got ruined two days before the party.



Caroline texted me to meet her at our old high school at the gym. I didn't really think about the weird spot – after all, I had told her that I wanted to see all of the old places in town. I just put on clothes, make-up, grabbed my bag and drove to Mystic Falls High School. It was a Friday and the clock said 17.30, so the students were far gone from the school. It was weird seeing the school again. I took my time and saw the whole school, before I went down to the gym. It was almost completely dark, except for the exit signs. If it hadn't been for them, I hadn't seen there was someone in the gym. One person was standing in the middle of the room, with his hands on his back. One person, too tall to be Caroline. One person, whose hair was too short and too dark to be Caroline. The one person, in the whole world, that I didn't want to see.



Right as I was about to turn around and walk away, music started playing. A song that brought back many memories.



May I have this dance, miss Gilbert?” I looked up and saw a smiling Damon right in front of me, with his hand reached out. He looked great tonight, wearing a smoking with a tie and everything. “Well, of course you may, Mr. Salvatore,” I said and took his hand. Everyone was dressed up, even I. I stood up and he dragged me to the dance floor. A slow song started playing, just as we reached the middle of the floor. He smiled at me, and slipped his arm around my waist. “You can be really sweet when you want to, Damon. Do you know that?” I said. He discreetly pulled me closer to him. “Yes, I do know that. I just need to have the right girl, to be sweet,” he said. We got closer. Our noses hit each other and our eyes was like glued together. “So, have you found that girl?” I asked. My heart was racing. “Indeed, I have.” And then it happened. He kissed me for the first time.



“Damon... What are you doing?” Suddenly he was standing right in front of me. “May I have this dance, miss Gilbert?” he asked, with a very charming smile and his hand reached out. My feelings was split. One part of me wanted to go on with his idea. Dancing with him, maybe even kissing him. And the other one wanted to slap his face and walk away. But what side should I go with? “Elena, this is where you're supposed to say 'well, of course you may, Mr. Salvatore',” he whispered. And then I made my choice. “Well, of course you may, Mr. Salvatore,” I said and took his hand. He dragged me to the middle of the dance floor, and then pulled me close to him. “Why are you doing this, Damon?” I asked. “No talking about that now! You are ruining my surprise,” he said and pulled me even closer. “Fine then... You can be really sweet when you want to, Damon,” I said and smiled at him. “We need to skip forward.” He suddenly stopped dancing, cupped my head and kissed me.



“So, Damon... Why are you doing this?” The song had ended and we had sat down on the floor. He had brought champagne and strawberries. I was sitting between his legs, leaning against his chest. His one arm was around my waist and the other was stroking my arm gently. I wish I could feel his heart beating, but it hadn't been beating for years. “Well, do I have to have a reason to treat my favourite girl?” he said and kissed my ear. “It's you, so yeah. You always have a reason to do stuff like this,” I said and grabbed a strawberry. “Let me.” He took the strawberry and fed me with it. Oh, how romantic. “Well, okay, maybe there is a reason,” he said and smiled at me. “Tell me.” I was being curious. This wasn't how Damon usually acted. He stood up and dragged me with him. “Elena Gilbert, would you like to go to the Founder's Day party with me?” he asked while having both of my hands in his.



“Damon, are you serious?” I asked. “Yup, totally serious. Please say yes, Elena,” he said and tighten the grip around my hands. “Well... Okay, yes, I would like to go with you,” I said with a great smile. He kissed me again. “I need to break up with my boyfriend... Or else this cannot keep going on,” I said and looked at him. He didn't say anything. “You do what you need to do, Elena... I'll pick you up at 7, okay?” he kissed me on the forehead and disappeared.




“Caroline, you need to help me. I need a dress for the Founder's party!” After Damon had disappeared, as the mysterious man he is, I drove home. I was the only one home, so I just went to my room, and started searching for a dress. But I quickly realised that all the dresses I had in Mystic Falls, wasn't good enough. Not now that I had a date. I wanted to look good for Damon. “Well, then let's go shopping. I'm guessing you said yes,” she said and laughed. “What? You knew about this?” I asked and sat down on my bed. “Yeah? Remember who asked you to go to the school, silly.” I had totally forgot about why I had been at the high school. I just remembered being with Damon. “That's right... Uhm, meet you at the mall in two hours?” I said. “Sure. We'll find you something good.” I hung up and started looking through my contacts. I had to breakup with Adam, after finding out I still had feelings for Damon. Strong feelings.



“Hey, honey,” Adam said, when he answered the phone. I already felt bad about the thing I was about to do. “Hey... Uhm... Adam, I have something I need to tell you.” I had no idea how I should tell him. I had already decided to leave the Damon part out. I didn't want to hurt him more than necessary. “That doesn't sound good. Go on,” he said. He was quiet. “We can't be together any more... I'm breaking up with you,” I said and hung up. I didn't want to hear what he had to say. I felt empty. Adam and I had been together for a long time and we had a really good relationship. I just loved Damon more than I loved Adam. And then I started crying.



“You okay?” Once again, Damon surprised me, by showing up next to me. “You just can't keep away from me, can you?” I asked and swept away the tears. “And why should I?” he asked and put his arm around me. “I don't know. Maybe because Stefan might not be completely okay with this,” I said and leaned my head against his shoulder. “Why are you talking about Stefan? He is back in Italy and he isn't coming back,” he said and started stroking my hair. “I know, but... Are you sure that he's in Italy?” He raised both his eyebrows. “Why shouldn't he be? Do you think he's still here?” I shrugged my shoulders and laid down on the bed. “I don't know. I'm kind of afraid he is. And if he is, he is going to notice us. And then we'll hurt him even more. I don't want to hurt him, Damon,” I said when he laid down next to me.



“I don't want you to think about him any more, Elena... I feel pretty bad about being in love with my brothers ex girlfriend. I feel even more bad, because I have been in love with you, for a very long time. So please, don't talk about him. Don't think about him. Can't it just be us?” He looked tormented. “Yes, sorry... But I still care about Stefan. He's my friend... Look, Damon, I'm sorry. Never mind,” I said and put my head on his chest. His hand started stroking my hair, almost automatic. “So, how long time have we got? I'm guessing you have somewhere to be,” he whispered. I could feel a kiss on my hair. “I agreed meeting Caroline in two hours,” I said and closed my eyes. It was nice, feeling his fingers through my hair. “So we've got some time for one of my favourite activities.” I guessed he used his vampire speed. The next second he was on top of me, pressing his lips against mine. I smiled and put my arms around my neck. This was also one of my favourite activities.



“Okay, blue or red?” I held up two dresses. Caroline and I had been shopping for a dress for almost two hours. “Well, Damon would obviously like the red one best. I mean, it shows everything. But the blue one is more classy. Fits you a bit better,” Caroline said, looking back and forth between the two dresses. “So, the blue one it is!” I said and put the red back on the hanger. I paid for the dress and we walked to the coffee shop we sat at the day before. “So, are you looking forward to being Damon's date to the party?” Caroline asked. “Well, yes, but... Caroline, you told me Stefan and Damon didn't wanted to talk to me any more. It doesn't really seem like that's true,” I said, while we were waiting for our coffees. “Elena, don't go there. What I told you is true. But I really can't tell you what it is. Please, don't go there,” she said. I frowned. “What is it that you're hiding from me? I want to know, Caroline!” She grabbed my head with both hands and made sure I looked into her eyes. “I never said anything about this, forget this conversation.” She compelled me. And since I am too stupid to wear vervain, it worked. I forgot everything. 

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