I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


7. Brave new world

Chapter 7: Brave new world


-Damon's point of view


My whole world stopped, when I saw Adam kill Elena. My emotions were going crazy. The strongest emotion, though, was being angry. In a few seconds, I got to Adam and snapped his neck. He was a new vampire, and it didn't seem like he had learned about all the perks. Alaric gave me his stake and I quickly killed Adam for good. But the damage was done. I bit my wrist and tried feeding Elena my blood, even though I knew she was already dead. We untied the ropes and put her on the floor. I felt tears in my eyes. She was still wearing my shirt, even though it was full of her blood. I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. She felt cold.



“How could you let this happen to her?!” Stefan screamed and started attacking me. I quickly pressed him up against a wall. “SHUT UP!” I yelled and snapped his neck. I didn't need to hear that this was my fault. The love of my life was dead, a few hours before I had made love to her, for the very first time. Alaric watched me as I returned to Elena's body. I closed her eyes and lifted her lifeless body. “Let's go home, Alaric...” I whispered and walked to the door. I wasn't ready to bury her yet. I hadn't said my goodbye yet. “I'll drive,” he said and picked up Stefan's body. It wouldn't be long before he woke up and hopefully had calmed a bit down.



All the way home I had Elena's head in my lap. I couldn't stop stroking her beautiful hair. Alaric didn't say anything. He just focused on driving. As soon as we got home, I carried her to my bed and put her down. I took off my jeans and shirt and laid next to Elena. I wouldn't be able to sleep. I didn't want to. So I just looked at her. And then I started noticing something. Her body wasn't smelling. She wasn't decomposing. It was almost two hours ago she was killed. She should have started decomposing by now. Why wasn't she? And suddenly I felt like screaming and dancing. I remembered the Founder's Party. She fed on my blood. She wasn't dead! She was going to come back! I quickly got my ruined shirt off her and washed her arms and neck. The scars would disappear when she awoke as a vampire. Then I got her under the cover and hurried downstairs to fetch her purse and cellphone. Alaric had put Stefan in his room, and he wouldn't be alive for the next couple of hours.



When I got back to my room, Elena was awake. She looked scared. “Damon, what happened? Did you save me?” she asked and felt her arms. The scars were gone. So was the one on her neck. “Elena... Do you remember what happened at the party?” I said and sat down next to her. “I drank your blood... I'm... Damon, don't say I'm a vampire,” she looked afraid. I smiled vaguely. “Yes, you are,” I said and went to draw the curtains for the window. She didn't have a daylight ring, and the sun would be up in a couple of hours. “I can't be a vampire... I'm dead!” she said and looked at her arms. “Elena, look at me!” I said and grabbed her arms, “you're a vampire, and you're gonna get through this. Don't worry, I have your back.” She looked miserable. “Now, I'm going to get you a blood bag, so you can complete the transformation, and then I'm going to find you a daylight ring. I know a witch in this area,” I said and looked at her. She nodded slightly. Then I kissed her cheek and went downstairs once again. I grabbed a blood bag from the fridge and went back upstairs to her. She was still sitting in the bed, looking straight forward. “Here,” I said and handed it to her. She took it and looked at it in disgust. “Do I really have to do this, Damon?” she asked. “Well, I can get you a person instead, if you want. Then you can drink it straight from the vein.” I said and shrugged. “No! I'll just take this... Thank you,” she said and opened it. She put her mouth to the bag and started drinking. I sat next to her and couldn't take my eyes of her.



She finished the bag and looked at me with blood dripping from her mouth. God, she looked sexy. “How will I ever get used to this, Damon?” she asked and gave me the empty bag. I smirked. “It'll come to you. I'm here, okay? I went through this many years ago, and now I can help you get through it,” I said and licked the blood of her mouth. I kept my face close to hers and stroked her cheek. She looked into my eyes, and the fear slowly started disappearing. “Is it inappropriate if I kiss you right now?” I whispered. “No... Not at all,” she said and looked at my lips. “Good.” I placed one hand on her cheek and kissed her. It was somehow different from when she was a human. She seemed a lot more passionate. I felt her desire. And I have never done anything as hard, as rejecting her. “Elena... You need sleep. Do you need more blood?” I asked and raised my eyebrows, while looking into her eyes. “But I want you, Damon,” she said. All of sudden, she wasn't confused and afraid. She was longing for me, and I felt it. “I promise, tomorrow we will make love where ever and whenever you want to. But right now you need sleep, and you need a daylight ring. And that is what I'm going to get for you,” I said and made her lie down. “Fine...” she said and turned to the side, “will you come cuddle with me until I'm asleep?” She looked at me with begging eyes. She was so hard to resist. “I just need to make a phone call, then I'll come, okay?” I said. She nodded and took off her bra. She just had to make me suffer.



First, I made sure Stefan was okay. He was still in his room, and still not awake. And then I called the witch. “Well, hello, Damon. Long time since I've heard from you. I'm guessing you're needing something,” she said, when she picked up the phone. “That's right... I need a daylight ring, as quick as possible. It's for this beautiful girl,” I said and looked at the door to my room. I really wanted to get the conversation over with, so I could go back to Elena. “Well, you turned someone? Tell me something, Damon. Do you love her?” If my heart was still beating, it would've been going crazy at that moment. “Yes... I really do,” I said truthfully. “Well, since this girl actually means something to you, I'll agree doing it. Come pick it up in two hours.” YES! I felt the relief. “Thank you, so much!” I said. “And Damon? Good luck with the girl.” Then she hung up.



I put my cell on the table in my room and took off my clothes. Elena was naked, so why couldn't I be? She looked at me with a happy look, when I slipped under the cover and opened my arm. She cuddle into me and I hugged her. “I love you, Elena,” I said and buried my head in her hair. It smelled so good. She didn't answer. When I looked at her, she was already sleeping. I smiled and stroke her back. 

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