The Sweet Curly Nightmare{George Shelly Fanfic} *MY JOURNAL*

This is the journal of one of the two inseparable best friends George & I.


1. Day 1

12-23 ==================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== This was the second day I have been away from my absolute best friend George. He moved here, Los Angles in 3rd grade and we really clicked. He was playing soccer at the park we both live near and I was sitting in the grass picking the dandelions out of the ground. Let's just say it kinda hurt. I remember that day like the back of my hand. That might have been one of the best days ever in my eyes I don't know about him. He went back to England to visit for Christmas because they had a family reunion. Lately I feel a little weird around him. It's really creepy like I get nervous and shy. But it couldn't be what I think it is. Not a crush. ==================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== I'll be working on this one and my Niall Horan fanfic Under the Mistletoe With Niall Horan but, this will be more updated than the other because this is a journal, *******- Favorite and like for more.xx-*******
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