lost in love

Ashley and Bee friend harry styles are best friends.she has feelings for him.but he had a girlfriend.does have feelings for her?will he break up with his girl And date her?


3. stop prentending

​he looked at me in shock.i just stormed out.

​It was the next day.People gave me dirty looks.What?i asked a Group of girls laughed you know what we are talking about.what?i asked getting mad.UMm you slept with Harry.and his friends.what i asked.yeah. harry has Photos to prove Ask him a blonde one said

​HARRY!!!i scout at him in the hallway.Yes he asked with a little smirk.YOU KNOW WHAT!i said getting more angry.Ohh when you slept with me our dirty little secert.he said loudly so everyone could hear ad he strikes.

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