lost in love

Ashley and Bee friend harry styles are best friends.she has feelings for him.but he had a girlfriend.does have feelings for her?will he break up with his girl And date her?


5. crap

I ran i heard the steps behind me.i looked and it was cheerleaders.they pushed me to a tree.they punched me intell i was bleeding on the ground.i came running home in tears.it looked like some one try . To kill me.i came to school.with my haircut like a emo person with blue strikes in my blonde hair...look who gave up.harry and taylor said with a smirk.


Aww look who went to clown school i looked at taylor.i walked away.my eyes starting to burn.some blonde girl screamed CUTTER!!i ran fast to the door to go home.A Boy named Luke Followed me.heyy he said i stopped and smiled at him weakly.me and him were good friends.dont listen to then Ashley.i cant i said allmost crying.lets go to my house.i nodded.me and him Went to wendys.


Ed ate.thanks i said.i have go home.before i went home he and i kissed.i Levy with butterflies in my stoamuch.thinking of his blue light eyes with blonde hair.(no ora nor niall)i went to school not even Pordenone to what people call me then i was hanging out waiting on the wall.for Luke

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