The spy gone vouge

A spy who breaks apart from the a spy group goes solo until she runs in to 5 guys doing the same thing. Well they fight side by side? Well find out



4. the new spy crew

Harry's P.O.V (night)

Harry: hey widow

Widow: yeah?

Harry: I was wondering.......

Zyan: Harry knock it off stop hitting on very girl you see

Harry: one day!!!!!!

Widow: oh……ok……?

Harry: let's go to my house a make a plan of how this all is going to work

The group began to walk home

Hmmm widow is different from other spy's I ever seen before. I like it !! I will have her one day she fall into my hands all doe she will love my I'm so making her mine!!!

Widow: is this it?

Harry: yup. Another stop

Widow: wow. It's big.

Harry: I know, bigger is better right?

Widow: in some cases yeah

Niall: like in the bed a guy might think that hehehe....

Widow: ………… (face palm)

Awkward silence passes

Liam: let's go on side

Widow: yeah let's do that

Harry: so here's the deal widow your room is upstairs to the left zyan same thing but your to the right and Liam your down stair's with the rest of us.

Widow: ok? What's the group plan not house plan.

Harry: oh that. Well you guys know we all left are original spy group well let's go back and pay them a visit.

Every one but widow: yeah

Harry: widow what's wrong?

Widow: yeah I can't after what I did I'm not exactly on the welcome list

Harry: what did you do?

Widow: I killed my boss

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