The spy gone vouge

A spy who breaks apart from the a spy group goes solo until she runs in to 5 guys doing the same thing. Well they fight side by side? Well find out ~xoxo


3. meeting five new guys

Widow's P.O.V (in an ally)

She keep walking till she caught her self face to face with a group of guys wearing black cloaks.

?: what are you doing here?

Widow: certainly ending the convo with you

Widow kept walking past them but they followed

Widow: what now you stalker's

?: I'm Harry this is Niall,Liam,zyan,and Louis..,

Widow: so.....

Zyan: so what's your name?

Widow: its widow

Liam: your from that spy program thing

Widow: yeah

Niall: do you want to from a group together

Widow: yeah sure

All: this is going to be awesome!!!

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