The spy gone vouge

A spy who breaks apart from the a spy group goes solo until she runs in to 5 guys doing the same thing. Well they fight side by side? Well find out



5. back to attack

Widow's P.O.V

-Everyone looks at me-

Zyan: wow tough stuff

Widow: indeed.

Harry: well that screws up that plan anybody else got an idea?

Widow: well we can sneak in attack, run. Simple.

Harry: perfect!

Later on that night

Harry: every on got everything

All: yeah

Harry: ok, widow!

Widow: yes

Harry: on your count ok?

Widow: ok? Everyone move out.

Everyone jumps out the car runs around the back of the building. They fined the vent everyone climbs in.

Widow: -whispers- ok look see that other vent down there that leads to the clothing room. We go that way get an outfit and go around to the bosses room. And attack then I'll go out and shoot like crazy on everyone else then find the closest exit got it?

All: -whispers- got it

After they did there mission everyone left and before they did widow grabbed a duffel bag and stuffed it with money the ran back to the house where everyone was waiting.

Liam: widow where were you?

All: yeah!

I throw the bag on the the table they opened it.

Harry: no way!!!

Widow: way indeed! That's where I was.

Everyone flipped out (in a good way)

Zyan: your amazing!!!

Widow: I'm going to bed guys.

Zyan: yeah me to

All: yea

Everyone went to sleep

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