its about justin bieber and a girl named jessica they where in highschool and only 17 they where about to graduate before the summer came but more exciting stuffs comes


2. earning it

me and derek walking to are next class justin has the same class ELA when me and derek walked pass justin i couldnt help but notice him starring at me so i turned hecka fast he walkes right behind us 

derek: hey jess can i call you that um heres my number so um  we should texted sometime bestfriend

me: okay derek ill do that besty 

we go to class justin was sitting next to courtney i could here that bit** talking about i heard my name to many times 

me: courtney if you got something to say you got something to say just say it to my face cause your hella irritating

courtney: your a dirty ass little skank bitch you think you pretty and you a little hoe over there trying to get justin from me bitch swerve he dont want your dirty ass

me: first of all bitch your not black calm it down second of all i dont want him boo he want me

courtney swung on me so i dodged it and i started punching her in her face the teacher got us off of each other we went to the principles office and we both got suspended but i got suspended longer cause i bat her up 

justin after school he broke up with courtney

justin: hey um jess you want a ride um let me think no ill take the bus

justin: come on now playing hard to get isnt going to work please

me: okay just hurry up and get me home no talking no flurting 

justin: deal 

justin some how put his number in my pocket  and i called it

* phone conversation * 


um is this derek

no this justin

shit wrong number bye

i call derek

hey derek guess who i just called


justin somehow he put his number in my jacket pocket but now he has my freaking number and hes blowing up my phone but oh well

um jackie ill call you later bye


i go take my shower it dinner and went to bed i read one of justins messages 

give me a chance to prove that i want you please tommorow after i get out of school ima pick you up around three see you then text me back please

me: okay you get until 3 to 5:30 bye


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