We'll here I am, on my first day of attending the London City Company of Dance. Hi my name is Mack, well it's actually Makayla but I just prefer Mack, I'm 17 and have just moved into the dorms at the LCCD. I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous, I'm a 17 year old who has just moved out of home to go to the school of my dreams!


4. Chapter 4

In contemporary I was paired up with this guy call Matt. He was super nice but to be fair he's nowhere near as good as Harry. I got back to my room and decided I should go and check out that job and plus some retail therapy couldn't hurt so instead of going for lunch I went down stairs to the dance shop.

I walked into the shop and went straight to the counter. "Ahh your back for the job are you?" The lady said "um yes, but I uh don't have a resume. " I said. I was really nervous. "Oh that's fine, what's your name Hun?" "Makayla Alec, I'm 17" I said a little too eagerly. "Well judging on last nights purchases you seem perfectly suited for the job. When can you start?" Yeas!! "Any time!" "Well if you just want to give me your number and timetable, I can text you your shifts and position them around your classes." "Thank you so much!" With that I went over to the new release racks and started looking for some new shorts and croptops.

I ended finding 3 super cute pairs of shorts and 5 croptops. I paid for the with my employees discount and went back up to my room to skype my mum quickly to tell her about the job. I opened my laptop and opens my skype tab.

"Hey mum!" "Hi sweety how's it's going?" "Oh my god mum it's incredible! I just got a job at the dance shop in the lobby and I was partnered with best dancer on the company! My room mate is awesome and my teachers are just amazing!" "Well I'm glad your having fun. Congratulations on the job! And the best on the company?" "Eh, he's got a long story" "ok then, I'm not even gonna ask." Just as I was about to tell my mum about all the new thing I bought there was a knock at my door. "Oh sorry mum I have to go I'll talk to you soon" "ok bye honey, love you" "I love you to mum!" I ended the call and answers my door. It was Harry. "Um hi? "Hi, um I was just reading your timetable and saw your in my history class which you have after lunch. Wanna ditch with me?" "Ok like 3 questions? One: how did you find out which room was mine earlier? Two: how did you get my timetable? And three: no way!" "Ok well one: it's on the student notes board. Two: you can look at anyone's on the online lodge. And three: why not. It's the first lesson? Just say I accidentally put you down weird in Pas de Deux and you strained your back?"

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