We'll here I am, on my first day of attending the London City Company of Dance. Hi my name is Mack, well it's actually Makayla but I just prefer Mack, I'm 17 and have just moved into the dorms at the LCCD. I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous, I'm a 17 year old who has just moved out of home to go to the school of my dreams!


1. Chapter 1

"Hi" I say to the blonde haired girl sitting on the small bed in the corner. "Hi, I'm Bailey Pindelle, I think I'm your roommate." "I'm Mack" I said to her with a smile. She gave me a confused look, and I understood why straight away. "Makayla, but I guess I prefer Mack" I say with a smile and she smiles back. "Oh I wanted to wait for you to decide on beds and stuff," she tells me. "Oh thanks, I'm fine with either so take witch ever I don't mind" "oh, I guess I'll take that one" she says, whilst pointing to the bed she was sat on previously. I dragged the rest of my suitcases in to the room and started to set up my stuff. " so what classes are you most excited for?" Bailey said to me as she unpacks four pairs of pointe shoes, "um classes are mainly equal but I guess I'm just really excited to find out who my pas de deux partner, I hope he's a nice guys, what about you?" I say as I unzip my first bag. "what do you mean 'find out' who he is, they've already been posted! oh and defs pointe!" "Already been posted? Oh My God! I'll be back!" I shout as I ran out the door, down the corridor and down the stairs to the foyer where the notice board is.  rush to the notice board to see a piece of paper with the title 2013 Freshman Pas de Deux partnering's.i scan through all the names on the sheet. "Harry Styles?" "WHAT!? You're paired with Harry Styles?!" she shouted. Great now the entire room is listening to our conversation. "Who is Harry Styles?" "Harry Styles is meant to be in third year but has been kept back twice because of his major attitude problem and serious lack of effort." "If he misbehaves so much, why don't they just kick him out?" "They've threatened and he's agreed to go but he is the best dancer here, no doubt about it! They'll keep threatening but never have the guts to throw him out. He's amazing! But he just can't be bothered to try in class or most the time even show up on time- or at all!" "Oh wow I'm stuck with a dick for the next 4 years. yay. Well anyway I'm going to go to the shop before it closes to grab a few things for tomorrow, bye" I say before I walk away, round the corner and as I enter the shop I see a flyer in the front window advertising a junior position available. This could be my chance to get a job- and a discount! I walk into the store and go straight to the leotard section. "Hi, can I help you at all?" says the lady behind the counter, "Oh, no I'm just browsing for now" I looked through the racks and after 20 short minutes I found seven nice ones. I approached the counter and lay my stuff on the bench. "Is that all today?'' ''oh, yes thanks, I um saw that your advertising for a junior?'' "Oh yes! are you interested?'' ''yes very!" "well why don't you come down tomorrow if you can and hand in a resume! you seem like you would be a lovely employee" she says scanning all of my stuff. "And that comes to $244" I hand her my card and punch in my pin. The lady puts the receipt in the bag and hands it to me. "Thank you!" I chirp "Thank you, have a nice night" I left  the shop and as I was turning the corner I bumped into a tall guy with absolutely crazy brown hair. "Oh sorry, my bad" I say as he pushes past me head to the back door. "Oh um excuse me? yea it's eight-twenty-five, we're not allowed outside the building past 8" "Princess good girl eh? What are you gonna do about it?" I stay silent, he gives a little laugh "see you round babe" he said as he walked out the door, got into a car and drove off. I was dumb founded by the lack of respect. I sighed to myself and walked back up to my room. When I got back Bailey was fast asleep and I decided I should be too so I quickly got changed and got into bed.

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