Mobster Love (Interracial love story)

As I walked inside my classroom I thought about her. I gazed through the room to find a seat a good one. Then I spotted one that was perfect in the middle by the window. I sat down their on the right. "Can I sit here"? said a voice. I looked to see who it was.. Will they be together. War love and hate...


5. Chapter 5-The Call

Logan POV*

As soon as she walked inside of the house I jumped and said "YES"!

I can't believe she wants to sit with me at lunch! She gave me her number! Her NUMBER!!

I gotta call her.

Once I got to my house. I went straight to my room and got my phone out. I dialed the number hoping she'll pick up. After the 3 rings I was gonna give up but I heard a 'hello' from the phone. But I realize something bad was going on I heard a screams and no's. A man screamed 'if you go by her you'll die'. Then it just hung up. I was really worried I couldn't think straight.

Andrea POV*

My dad just come home drunk again. I was on the couch reading Wattpad, Alphas and Bloodsuckers. When I got a call from my new crush. "I can't believe he called" I says under my breath. I was about to just click it but it was taken from my hand. Who are you talking to. I was about to answer his question but he cut me off and gave me a great big blow across the face. I drop of water came out my left eye as I screamed in pain. I tried not to show a lot of pain or even cry he would just hurt me more. My mom then came out and pushed him away backing him away telling him to stop. This was about the tenth time this happened. I was so imitated I couldn't move I was paralyzed. So stiff like a rock. I was pulled by the arm.

"C'mon let's go we're leaving"! I just followed the person out the back door.

"Mom where are we going"? I asked curiously as we got in the car.

"To my sister house, sweetie".

"But doesn't he know where she leaves and what about clothes"?

"No, she moved here awhile go and I have clothes at her house".

"We'll planed"!

"Thank you" she said cheerful.

" I have to tell you some thing..."

"And that is"?

"I like a boy and wanna go out with him but I know daddy won't approve".

"Hmmm..a boy I see...of course you can go out you're old enough and all. Plus me and daddy are getting a divorce".

"Yay! I mean aww and thanks mommy".

"I'm kinda happy to".

30 minutes later

"We're here" said my mom while she tapped me.

"We are"?

"Yup, c'mon carry the food while I get the drinks okay"?

"Okay" I replied a little tired sounded. The knock on door woke me up a bit.

"Hi, Donna" said a voice.

I looked up to see who it was. It was this tall man and think he was Indian.

"Hey, Andrew and oh this is my daughter Andrea".

"We'll hello Andrea".

Logan POV*

"Shit, shit,shit,shit"! I kept saying to myself. I picked up anything that was near and threw it but before I could do it. I felt a vibration on my thigh. I quickly got my phone out to see who the caller was. It was Andrea! I quickly pressed accept.

"Hello"? said the person on the other end.

"Hey, Logan".

"Are you alright"?

"Yeah, I'm used to it now and I'm not there anymore".

"Oh ok and that's good. Wait what it happened before"!

"Yeah...but it's okay I'm alright". I was about to say something but I was cut off by a question.

"I was wonder if you wanted to go off sometime"? said Andrea.

"I was gonna ask you that, wow but okay Andy".


"Well aren't you the guy you asked me". I said with a chuckle.

"Okay Lola" she laughed.


"Aren't you my date, babe"? she laughed.

"Ha ha ha" I laughed.

"We'll I see you later, okay"?

"Yeah but where are we going"?

"The movies".


"See you later". We says at the same time.


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