Mobster Love (Interracial love story)

As I walked inside my classroom I thought about her. I gazed through the room to find a seat a good one. Then I spotted one that was perfect in the middle by the window. I sat down their on the right. "Can I sit here"? said a voice. I looked to see who it was.. Will they be together. War love and hate...


4. Chapter 3-Lunch

"You wanna hang out later"? said Jacob.

"Uhh...nah I'm hanging out with Logan" said Andrea.

"With that freak"? he said as he pointed to me.

"Yes" Andrea said back.

"Whatever, that's just a waste of time". Jacob said. He then walked away mad.

"Were actually going to hang out"? I said to Andrea.

"Of course, after school lets go to the dinner"!


"Do you mind I bring a friend? and what's your next class"?

"Okay and math". I said.

"Oh I have ELA". Andrea said.

"Can I ask you a question"? I says to her.


"Why do you want to hang out with me and not with Jacob"?

"We'll because he is a man whore and you didn't hit on me and you seem nice".


"We'll I got to go Logan"! She waved at me.

"See you later"!

"See you later"! Wow she is amazing.

As I walked out of class I felt a push behind me. I turned to see who it was. Jacob was the person. I decide to push him back. I guess the teacher saw us and broke up the fight.

At Lunch...

I got on line quick enough to get the good foods.

"Are you gonna get that"? said voice by me. I looked to see who it was.

"Hey, Jeremy" !! I said doing the bro hug.

"How you been"? he asked me.

"Good....met a girl and you"?I replied trying to sound cool.

"I got a girl and she is amazing"!

We walked to the table at the end.

"Who is she"?



"So who's the girl your crushing"?

"Andrea Coleman"!

"Wow thee Andrea Coleman".

"Yeah why"?

"That's my girlfriend best friend"!

"Are you two going to the dinner after school today"?


"Andrea wants me to come".

I felt someone walk up behind me up. Then they tapped me on the shoulder. "Hi Logan".

I recognize the voice it was Andrea.

"Hey Andrea".

"Can I sit here"?


"I gotta go, see you later guys"! said Jeremy.

He patted me on the shoulder.

"Good luck"!

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