Mobster Love (Interracial love story)

As I walked inside my classroom I thought about her. I gazed through the room to find a seat a good one. Then I spotted one that was perfect in the middle by the window. I sat down their on the right. "Can I sit here"? said a voice. I looked to see who it was.. Will they be together. War love and hate...


2. Chapter 1-Love at School

"Aye where the food"!? I said screaming making sure everybody heard.

"Ma is buying some"! Someone said in the house.

"She got her gun" I said.

"Always. Said Jeremy walking into the kitchen. She is always prepared for fighting".

"We'll I gotta go to school first day".


"It's see you later".

Few hours later.....

Looking through my book pack for my schedule.

"Science is my next class. 201."


I walked out class first so I wouldn't be late. I bumped into this girl. A beautiful one. She had carmel skin, green eyes and dark brown long wavy hair. She also had glasses on until I knocked them down. I bent down to pick them up for her but I guess she also went down to get them.

"Ouch"! We both said.

"I'm sorry"! I said to her.

"It's ok, I'm Andrea". She said as she pulled out her hand.

"I'm Logan". I pulled out my hand and shook it. My heart started to beat tremendously. She let go and waved bye.

God damn she was fine.


What u think is it good?

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