Save Your Heart { A 1D Fanfic }

All that you want's under your nose, yeah
You should open your eyes but they stay closed, closed

I, I wanna save you
Wanna save your heart tonight
He'll only break you
Leave you torn apart, oh
I can't be no superman,
But for you I'll be super human

I, I wanna save you, save you, save you tonight


5. Chapter 4

"How could I not- he paused as if he didnt know how to say what he wanted. Just then the police officer came in.

"Adrianna Taylor?" He called my name "Yes." He wrote something down in this little notebook and then looked at Harry with "excuse us" eyes. Harry got the notion and exited the room.

"Im officer Ballard nice to meet you" I nodded in reply."So,he started, a hit and run eh?" His voice was very gravelly. "Thats what the doctor told me" I answered. "Well its true. Now, can you tell me what happened, officer Ballard asked. For some reason that question lingered inside of my head "what happened?" That was a question I could not answer, i didn't know how to answer, because i didn't have the answer.

"I-I dont, I don't err know. He must have understood because all he did was slowly nod his head and scribble something on his pad again.

"Ok so can you tell me what you were doing before the accident," he inquired

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