Save Your Heart { A 1D Fanfic }

All that you want's under your nose, yeah
You should open your eyes but they stay closed, closed

I, I wanna save you
Wanna save your heart tonight
He'll only break you
Leave you torn apart, oh
I can't be no superman,
But for you I'll be super human

I, I wanna save you, save you, save you tonight


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV

"Where am I ?" the beautiful girl that I rescued form a dreadful car wreck about a week ago asked me when she finally awoke.

"Your at the hospital, you've been here for the past week, ehh I should probably go tell the doctor you're awake."

"Wait, who are you, you look really familiar do I know you form somewhere?" She asked me which was a surprise because she seemed no older than seventeen.

"I am Harry Styles, you probably recognize me from my boyband, One Direction but you can call me superman," I chucked a little louder than i wanted to humored by my own joke.

"You're the one who saved me"she asked, with a slight bit of disbelief. "Of corse I did, and I stayed here every night for a week waiting to see the beautiful girl I rescued open her eyes. "She blushed when I said that.

When I first laid my eyes on her in that car barley breathing I knew I had to help her. She looked so vulnerable yet so beautiful.

Her hair, long, wavy, and blonde. Her eyes bluer than the ocean. Her skin, tanned and fare. She is a definite beauty I thought to myself. If only I knew her name....

"Now that I've told you my name, can I know yours?" I asked

"Of course, err Im Aj, or Adrianna"

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