You're Mine

So there's a girl named Andrea. She is 17 year's old. She was like everyone else, you would've guessed. Not exactly... She partied a lot, drank a lot, and did bad things. But, she did all of these things for a reason. That reason was to get away from the secrets,drama,hate,and hell also known as her life. All of a sudden her life changes before her eyes when she meets someone. Does that mean better things are gonna happen? Or, is this person gonna make her life a living hell?

***Warning: Bad language may appear frequently in this book***


2. Horrible ride

-Nick's POV- (the only good follower)

I did the usual things that I have to do before school. Then when I was hopping into my car, I got a text from Matt. It said, " dude, my car isn't starting up, can u give me... And maybe Andrea a lift? -Matt". Well even though he's crazy, he's my best friend, so of course I text him back saying " sure, no problem man". I got to admit it though, I do feel bad for Andrea. She's going through such a rough time and the only people that are there for her, which she said, are me and my girlfriend. Unlike the other followers, I'm not really one. I don't stalk Andrea for Matt at all. To me Andrea's my best friend, more like my sister. I start up my car and stop at the first house. The first house is my girlfriend's, her names Melissa. Thankfully her and Andrea are closer then anyone can ever be. I get out and open the door for her, greet her, and give her a kiss. I start to drive to the second house, which is Matt's. We are talking the way there, about Andrea and Matt. We both try to help her get out of this so called "relationship", but Matt always seems to trick us all. We try to give him hints to back down, but he won't. We pull up to his house and brace ourselves for him. He runs out and hops in, and greets us both. Surprising, because you would expect him to be glued to his phone texting Andrea. We start driving to go to the last house, thankfully. I feel bad for Andrea she usually gets picked up by Matt everyday, having to sit in that car with him, till the long drive is over. Got to give her credit, I would be insane by now. Now Matt has taken out his phone, and is now glued to it. Already knew he was going to do that, that's usual Matt.

-Andrea's POV-

I'm sitting there, by the window waiting for matts car to pull up, when I get a text from him. It reads,"Hey babe, sorry my car broke down. Nick, Melissa, and I are gonna pick you up. sorry it's not gonna only be us.- Matt" Sorry? I'm thrilled! I hate having to be alone with Matt. I mean, I would still love him very deep down in my heart, if he wasn't such a douch. That won't ever change though. I watch nick's car pull up, grab my things, and head outside. Unlike the rest of the followers, nicks not really one. He's like a brother to me, maybe even my twin. It's like we feel each other's pain. He knows when I'm upset, angry, or nervous. Same here with me, about him.It's a good thing and a bad thing. Sometimes for once, just once, I don't want him to feel my "pain". I don't want him to freak out if he feels anything, when I'm with Matt at that time. What he feels is me fearing for my life. I hop in the car and sit in the back. Since it's the only seat left, I'm sitting right next to Matt. Yay!... Why do I have to sit by him? Why can't I sit in the front? I mean I know nick and Melissa are a couple, but she knows what's going on,so does nick. She could have sit in the back, this one time for me. Wow, I sound like a self-centered bitch. I'm not truly... I'm just frustrated. I sit down staring out the window thinking about the mystery guy, yet again. Matt's being the usual, trying to put his arm around me, possibly trying to get me to make out with him. That's the main reason I hate him and don't love him anymore, he only cares about me for "the physical love", as nick calls it. This is gonna be a long, horrible ride.

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