The Year of Opportunities

This story is your typical high school based story. What is the state of Texas best known for... Football! This story will not just be about football; there will drama, realistic situations, romance, boundaries will be broken (that have and haven't be broken in real life).


2. The Final Night

     The last day of summer has finally arrived and that means when the clock hits seven a.m. tomorrow, it will be time to dread going back to school. But right now that wasn’t a thought in Dimitri’s mind. He was excited because in about thirty minutes he will be leaving to hang with his best friend, Traci Kelly. Ever since the first time they saw each other it became an instant connection. These two have been inseparable ever since they meet freshman year. For the past couple of week, Dimitri has been putting a lot more effort into the evening. He actually bought a new red button down long sleeve shirt, black jeans, and got his black converse clean. He even made dinner reservations for the night, and as he gets read, he keeps staring at the present on his bed.
     Dimitri got into his Dodge truck and headed for Traci’s house. The drive only took five minutes. When he pulled up in front of her house, with the truck off, he started to think if what he was going to do was a mistake or not. His heart began to beat as if was spending me a message in Morris code saying: “Get out of this truck and ring the damn doorbell.” He listened to his heart and did what he was told.
     The door rapidly opens and Traci leaps into Dimitri’s arms and says, “Dimitri, you finally made it. I thought you just forgot about me, now that I finally traded the pasty skin for this amazing tan color, and I dyed my hair a darker blonde,” Traci said so sarcastically. 
     Dimitri responded, “Oh Traci, how could I ever forget about you? You are my best friend.”
     They both started to laugh and continued to gaze into each other’s eyes. “You look very handsome, Dimitri. I am so excited for whatever you have planned for us tonight.” Dimitri started to blush but it wasn’t really noticeable for Traci to see. “You look very beautiful in this black dress you’re wearing, but you’re always beautiful no matter what you wear.” Her smile got even bigger, showing those beautiful white teeth. “Aw, Dimitri you’re so sweet.” The only thing the both of them could do was smile at each other.
     “Are you ready to go, Traci?”
     “Yeah, I’m ready!” She said with excitement.
      Dimitri and Traci got into the truck and left towards their first destination of the night. During the whole drive the two best friends were singing along with the music, and looking at the buildings and areas they saw was reminiscent of all the great memories they have spent together.
     “Oh, Dimitri, you didn’t have to bring me here!” She said in shock, as she stared at the Cheesecake Factory building.
      Dimitri didn’t say anything; he just parked the truck, turned towards Traci and said, “Come on, Traci, you’re worth it! But before we go inside I have something for you. Open the glove box.”
      “What! Dimitri, you got me a diamond-heart necklace and it even has my initials: T.K. in the middle, thank you!”
       Traci holds her hair as Dimitri hooks the necklace around her neck. As she turns back around towards Dimitri; they accidentally bump heads, and begin to laugh. It then became silent, they were scooting closer and closer, and right at that moment… Traci and Dimitri kissed each other on the lips.
       After that moment, they entered the restaurant, got seated, and ordered their dinner: Traci ordered the pasta carbonara with chicken and Dimitri got fettuccini alfredo with chicken. About ten to fifteen minutes later, their dinner came to the table.
     “Traci, do you think our reputation in high school is the only thing we will be remembered by after graduation?”
     “Yeah, I think so, why do you ask?”
     “I feel like I have done nothing but given myself a negative reputation, and unfortunately, you were always on the receiving end of it all. And right now, I just feel truly blessed that you never gave up on me. I really want to change that bad image into something better.”
     Traci says, “It wasn’t hard. I believed that the Lord would bring the real you back. Anyway, what did you have in mind doing differently?”
     “Well for starters: I have to start putting others’ before myself. Not necessarily be their ‘superman’ to every problem and/or need, but somehow help them. My personal goals are pretty much basic: get straight A’s, attempt to get into a great college, and help the football team get a championship. What about you?”
     “I don’t want to be seen as predictable anymore. It sounds crazy, but honestly, I just want my senior year to be as if it was an unwritten book. I no longer want to be see or known as some basic white girl that everyone knows my every more. So, I also want a new unpredictable image, but I would never do things just to fit in.”
     The waiter came back to their table, took the empty plates, and asked if the two of them would like any dessert. They ordered an Oreo Dream Cheesecake and ate it together. Minutes after finishing the dessert, and paying the bill, they drove back to Traci’s house.
                                                                                * * *
     “Thanks once again for dinner and walking me back to the door, Dimitri, I really had fun!” Traci said with a smile on her face.
     “Yeah, it was nice… Well I will call you when I get home and see you at school. Dimitri said as he was heading back to his truck.
     “Dimitri, don’t leave just yet,” Traci says, “There is something I need to ask you. Hopefully this doesn’t sound weird, but can I spend the night at your house and just go to school with you?”
     “Yes, of course,” he said with no thought whatsoever, “I will be waiting out here while you go pack some clothes and whatever else you need.”
      As they finally made it back to Dimitri’s house, he took Traci’s suitcase and backpack into the guest room, and then they spent the rest of the night standing outside on the patio looking straight up at the sky and what it had to offer. Multiple of stars shined their little white lights, while the full moon glowed that beautiful bright yellow. The wind came to life and brought Traci into Dimitri’s arms.
     “Traci, I cannot think of a day that comes near to comparison; you have truly made me the happiest eighteen year old in the world. Through the entire day and right now, my heart continues to beat… no pound because of you, and I still cannot stop thinking about our kiss. My whole life I have never had a best friend like you. With all that said, Traci, will you be my girlfriend?”
     She turned around, still in the arms of Dimitri, and answered, “YES!”

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