The Year of Opportunities

This story is your typical high school based story. What is the state of Texas best known for... Football! This story will not just be about football; there will drama, realistic situations, romance, boundaries will be broken (that have and haven't be broken in real life).


3. Nightmare, Breakfast, School

     Dimitri’s day started with him waking up to the sound of knocking on his bedroom door. He automatically assumed it was Traci, so he rushed to open the door. Unfortunately, it was not Traci on the other side of the door. It was his biological parents. Dimitri was completely shocked and did not understand how these people found his house.
     Dimitri woke up, panting, from that nightmare. What most people do not know, not even Traci, is that Dimitri has never met his parents. All of his life, everyone assumed that the people who raised him were his parents; it was his aunt and uncle. The one thing he has been hiding forever, starts affecting his mental state of mind. This was the one skeleton Dimitri wanted to stay buried.
     Dimitri said in a tiny whisper, “I hope I never dream of those people ever again.”
He glanced at his alarm clock, as it read 2:45 a.m. He laid flat on his back, tried falling back to sleep, but the dream kept playing in his head. He could not take it anymore; so he silently got out of bed, grabbed his Beats headphones and cell phone, and went down stairs into the living room. Dimitri has always seen music as his best friend, because it never leaves him.
     The light of the sun creeps into the bedroom window, as Traci stretches out of bed. She walked into the bathroom, took a brisk shower, brushed her teeth, and got dressed for school.
     When Traci was prepping for school, she took her phone and text her parents’ good morning. They quickly responded with not only the same response, but also with a picture of themselves still enjoying their vacation. As the conversation ended, Traci left the room and noticed Dimitri was not in his bed sleeping. She assumed he was also getting ready for school; so she walked downstairs to surprise him with breakfast.
     Traci made it to the kitchen and knew exactly what to make: scrambled eggs with toast. Minutes later, she finished cooking with at least forty-five minutes until school starts. Traci walked back in the living room, to find her boyfriend passed out on the couch. She instantly thought of waking him, but it came to her mind: This is a perfect photo time. One photo she took with their faces next to each other, and the other one was her kissing his cheek. He woke up from the touch of her smooth, soft lips.
     “Good morning, sunshine,” Traci says, “What are you doing, sleeping out here?”
He looked around as if he didn’t remember but he most certainly did. “I-I was too lazy to head back upstairs that I just crashed on the couch.”
     “Okay, well I have a surprise for you; so get up, give me your hand, and follow me into the kitchen.”
     Dimitri did exactly what Traci had said, and he was very surprised to see a delicious meal on the table (scrambled eggs and toast). He immediately gave Traci a hug and kissed her multiple times. The last kiss he gave her was on the neck, and she gasped saying, “Dimitri, your breakfast is going to get cold.” While both of them were eating, the sexual tension was very strong. Traci loved it when Dimitri kissed her neck, and he was enjoying the way she was biting her lip.
     After breakfast, Dimitri quickly got dress and both he and Traci drove for school. The time reached 7:45 am, when the couple finally made it to the parking lot. They both got out of the truck and walked to front door of the school.
    “Dimitri, it is really crazy to think that starting now begins the end of our high school journey.” Traci said with sorrow.
    “I know,” Dimitri responded; he grabbed Traci’s hand, fingers interlaced, and said, “It is now time to make these last moments count.”
     Dimitri and Traci walked inside the school, and were immediately directed into the auditorium. Around the whole auditorium, the seats were filled with the entire student body. Just like any other typical high school, the returning students sat with who they knew, and the new students made small talk between each other.
     Fifteen minutes passed by, and the clock now read eight. The superintendent and principal walked across the stage, and they individually gave speeches about the upcoming school year. The superintendent completed his speech by giving a stern warning, “Students, you all have a clean slate this year. Last year was a disaster that will stay in the past and certainly won’t be repeated. If so, do not be surprised about serve punishment. Remember everything that is offered at this school is a privilege, and it can disappear in an instant. With all that said, I welcome you all to Garland Knight High.”
     The rest of the day was like any other first day of high school: students received their class schedules, introduced each other in class, signed up for extracurricular activities, had lunch and then went on with the rest of their lives.

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