The Year of Opportunities

This story is your typical high school based story. What is the state of Texas best known for... Football! This story will not just be about football; there will drama, realistic situations, romance, boundaries will be broken (that have and haven't be broken in real life).


9. Breakfast, Study, Check the Yearbook

      Early Monday morning and the sun has just peaked into the horizon. Dimitri and other students start arriving to school as the doors open at 7:30 am. Dimitri was at his locker with his headphones over his ears listening to multiple songs by Gavin DeGraw (his favorite artist), and reviewing his A.P. Psychology notes.
      Minutes after reviewing, Dimitri received a text message from Traci saying she was in the school’s parking lot and had a surprise for me. He threw everything but my phone into my locker and rushed back outside to Traci. He saw her car parked right next to his truck, jumped into the front seat passenger seat, and kissed her.
      “Good morning baby, I missed seeing your beautiful face this weekend.” I said while looking deeply into her eyes.
      “Dimi, you’re very sweet.  I missed you too! Are you ready for your surprises? The bags are under your seat.” Traci said with excitement.
       He reached under his seat and grab both gift bags. The first bag contained Dimitri’s breakfast: a sandwich with a sausage and hash brown patty with cheese, and a sprite. In the second bag had the complete One Tree Hill series.
       “Thank you, babe, for everything. I heard many things about this show, apparently, it was what everyone would talk about back when it started to even all the years it ended. No matter how much homework we have, we are watching this at my house. Also, this breakfast sandwich is amazing, it is just unfortunate that I had to rush eating it because we have first period in about five minutes.”
       Traci had an enormous smile and responded saying, “I guess I will be at your house after school, and is it okay to assume that your parents were fans of One Tree Hill?”
      “No, but my aunt and uncle are fans, Traci,” Dimitri said.
      The school day and football practice are over, and Dimitri is sitting on the living room couch studying for his three tests (Psychology, History, and Math), and the new plays for the away game this Friday. Just like any other high school student, the studying was stressing Dimitri. So, he picked up the Xbox controller and started gaming online.
      After a few minutes of playing Need for Speed, Dimitri received a friend request and gaming invite from Traci’s new friend, Valentina. The two of them play multiple games and learned numerous things about each other. They were having a lot of fun that time quickly reached midnight. As Dimitri and Valentina were saying their “goodnights” and “see you at school,” Valentina revealed something shocking to Dimitri.
     “Dimitri, I remember when we used to have similar deep conversations when we were younger. I missed that and you. Also, you’re not the same person anymore…it is great you know the new you. Check any elementary or middle school yearbook; there is a couple of photos us.”

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