The Year of Opportunities

This story is your typical high school based story. What is the state of Texas best known for... Football! This story will not just be about football; there will drama, realistic situations, romance, boundaries will be broken (that have and haven't be broken in real life).


8. A competitor and a new friend

     Another Saturday has arrived, Dimitri is at work, and Traci is once again at the gym. She usually isn’t always spending her Saturdays at the gym, but with the basketball season starting in January. It was never too early to critique her game. She also decided not to invite Kimberly, Veronica, or Ashley (not the football player Ashley). The four girls really have not been the same since that whole discussion about Dimitri. Traci really could not figure why her “friends” would question her relationship. Was there more that they weren’t saying? Is that how they really think about me as a person? Was Traci thinking too hard into the situation?
Traci’s POV:
      I drowned those thoughts with music and shooting free throws. The gym has about four indoor basketball, but it was just me with a basketball. That is what I thought until I saw a girl, about my age I assume, watching me shoot.
      “Hi… do you want to shoot the basketball,” I asked the random girl, “By the way what is your name?”
      “My name is Valentina Sanchez and how about we play one vs. one. Threes are worth two points and twos are worth ones. The first person to eighteen points wins.”
      I took my necklace off and placed all my belongings into my gym bag. I walked back to Valentina as she was bouncing the basketball and I said, “I’m Traci Kelly and you start with the ball.”
      The game was intense. Valentina was extremely aggressive on defense, and it was difficult to get open shots. I have never played against someone like this; this girl had freaking game. She had a 10-6 lead until I cut the lead to 10-8. Valentina had the ball at the top of the key, she immediately started pushing the basketball to the hoop, but I stole the ball. I quickly ran to the right corner of the court, pulled up and shot the tying shot, and swish. The game is now tied 10-10, but the game came to an abrupt stop.
      “Traci… you’re bleeding! Valentina screamed.
      I felt the blood dripping from my nose and I sprinted to the locker room. As I grabbed multiple tissues, I saw my clothes had many blood stains from my shirt, shorts, and shoes. I finally got the blood to stop, and both Valentina and I were cleaning the stained blood on the counters.
      “Traci, thank goodness you got the bleeding to stop,” Valentina said with excitement, “What exactly caused the nosebleed?”
      “Probably just a dry nose, nothing serious, but its okay. I have extra clothes in my bag. I am going to wash up and then we can get some brunch, if you want?”
      We arrived at Sports World. During the car ride, Valentina and I learned a lot about each other. Valentina and her family just moved back to Texas from Florida. I don’t understand why come back to Texas when Florida is east coast tropical paradise. She will be a junior at Garland Knight High and a key member on the basketball team. We both love the color black, reading books, and watching TV shows from the 90s through the 2000s. Let us just be honest TV was at its prime during that decade.
      “So, Traci, who got you that necklace around your neck?” Valentina asked.
      “Oh… my boyfriend Dimitri Hill. He actually works here, as a matter of fact, he should be around here somewhere.” I said looking around.
      Valentina heard Dimitri’s name and it seemed to sound somewhat familiar to her. She remembered that she used to be friends with someone with the same name. She also thought that they went to the same school together. Not only could she put a face to who she remembers, but can’t remember why they haven’t been in contact all these years.
      “I can’t find him through all these college football fans, but it is no deal, I will introduce you to him on Monday. I’m starving, so let’s order some food and watch these crazy fans act like fools.” I said to Valentina.

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