Aria Has A Problem


1. Aria and Chase

I call Chase and tell him he needs to come over it's important. Chase remember when we went to Las Vegas and stayed in the hotel, I think I might have gotten pregnant. I am not allowed to leave the house because I want to Las Vegas and didn't tell my parents. Can you go get a pregnancy test for me? Chase returns and we both go to the bathroom and I got a negative, then we go back to my room and we do it once more because I wanted a baby and I knew then and there when we were doing it there was a problem because there was blood all over the sheets.  Chase runs downstairs to tell my parents, they come running up.

"What's wrong?" My mom asks.

" I don't know we were doing it and then there was blood all over." I reply.

" I am taking you to the hospital." My mom told me.

" Can Chase come?" I ask.

"Yes." My mom said.


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