What would you do if you were a demigod? Ignore it or embrace it? This is a story about 5 boys, two girls and a new prophecy. What could happen? A lot more than you think…


2. Prologue


Zayn didn't know what happened that day. All he knew was that a girl with blackish hair and hard brown eyes came and pushed him up against the wall.

"Hi," Zayn said, his vision a bit blurred. "I'm-"

"No time for that," said the girl in a panicked whisper. "Get your friends and follow me." She pushed her self off of Zayn. He turned and jogged up the front steps of his high school.

"ZAYN!" Louis screeched.

"Hey, Zayn!" Niall greeted him, as they hugged, Niall noticed the brown eyed girl. "Who's your friend?"

"I'll explain later, just follow me!" she led them out of their school.


"Why are we in an old, burned down mechanic shop?" Harry pondered as he took in the charred area.

Zayn wondered that too, who was this girl, he thought, and why did he follow her? He could get killed!

"Who are you?"

"One," the girl said. "It's not just any mechanic shop, it was my mothers."

"Where is your mother?" Liam asked.

"She died a long time ago," she said, taking shaky breath.


"Anyway, I'm Lee. Lee Valdez, and you and I both are demigods."

"Demo what?" Zayn exclaimed, he was starting to feel very nauseous.

"Demigods," Lee corrected. "You know, half god half mortal."

There was no way that Zayn could be half god. There was nothing special about him, sure he could persuade people into doing things he wanted them to do, and was "so hot it's not natural", according to all the girls in his classes.

Niall stepped forward, "Wait, do you mean god as in the Greek gods?"

"Or Roman," Lee shrugged.

"No, that can't be possible," Liam took this information like a train wreck. "That cannot be possible, both of my parents are at home."

"Denial, that'll get you far in life." Lee patted Liam's shoulder. "May even get you killed one day."

She circled around the boys, Zayn watched her as she took long, slow strides. Her light brown military boots made an echo in the empty mechanic shop. She was very short, Zayn noticed, he liked short girls. Her tan skinny jeans showed off her slim legs. A tool belt hung loosely on her hips, barely being held up by her brown suspenders. She wore an orange t-shirt that said "Camp Half-Blood" with an army jacket tied tightly around her waist, above her belt. Her curly, dark chocolate colored brown hair swayed like a waterfall with each step she took. Zayn was completely mesmerized.

"Hey, pretty boy," Lee snapped her fingers in Zayn's face, awakening him from his trance.

"What are we talking about?" Zayn blinked hard, she was so close, he could smell her.

She smells like marshmallows.

"Now that I have all of your attention, I'll tell you the plan," she backed away from Zayn, rubbing her tan hands together.

"What plan are we talking about, exactly?" Louis spoke up.

"I need to get you guys to Camp Half-Blood safely before you guys get killed by monsters," Lee explained causally like she was talking with a friend over coffee.

"But what about our families?" Harry said.

Zayn didn't want to leave his family either, his sisters needed him.

"I've got five sisters I need to care for," Louis raised his voice. "I can't just leave them behind!"

"I'll let you say goodbye, but if you stay with them," Lee looked around at the burnt shop. "They won't live for long." She looked down.

"But how are we even going to go to our houses?" Niall asked.

"I can build you guys something." Lee announced. "Give me three hours, I'll have something done by then.

"You? You can't build anything, it's too complicated," Zayn mused and crossed his arms. He didn't know why he did. Just the idea of Lee building a mode of transportation for the lads and him amused him for some reason.

Lee pulled a wrench out if her tool belt and looked at Zayn so fiercely, he shivered.

"Don't doubt me, pretty boy," she turned and walked somewhere else in the workshop.


After hours of sitting on the cold, hard ground of the shop, Lee finally announced that she was finished. The boys followed the sound of her voice to find her standing in front of a grey convertible, her hands on her hips and a proud look on her face.

The boys stared at it in awe. "You built this!" Zayn asked amazed.

"Like I said, don't doubt me," Lee said, not glancing at Zayn once as she took out a rag and whipped her hands. "This fits only four people, Harry you're driving."

"SHOTGUN!" Niall hollered as he hopped in his seat. Liam and Louis climbed in the back as Harry slid in the drivers seat, Lee handed him the keys.

"What about me?" Zayn asked.

"Ah, conceded much?," Zayn gave Lee a look. "Don't worry, I whipped up something for you too," she walked off to retrieve it.

Zayn watched her, how could she make a whole car in only three hours? Plus something extra for him. That's got to take serious skill.

"Lover boy," Louis teased. "Stop drooling."

Zayn whipped his mouth, "I'm not drooling, Lou."

"You might as well be," Liam agreed with Louis. "By the way that your-"

His sentence was cut off by a loud noise that sounded like a motor. Lee returned, but this time with a motorcycle.

"This is for me?" Zayn gasped, Lee shrugged. "Well, how are you going to get around? Did you need to ride with me?"

Zayn didn't know why he felt so excited for her answer. It's not like he wanted her to sit behind him with her hands around his torso. Her head resting on his shoulder- right?

"No, I've got one," Lee glanced to one of the dark corners of the shop.

A pair of eyes appeared in the darkness, the eyes were so gold they almost looked orange. A black figure stalked out, it looked like it was dripping from the shadow in the corner. A pure black lion sat directly in front of Zayn, it's tail flowing like wheat I'm the wind.

"This is Nemean," Lee set a hand on the giant cat.

"You're going to ride a lion," Niall asked, Lee nodded. "Won't that attract attention?"

"He'll be disguised my the Mist," Lee explained. "It makes things that aren't supposed to be seen my mortals, look normal. So Nemean here," she patted the lion, "will just look like another motorcycle."

There's a mist? Zayn has so much to learn about this demigod life. He was so confused.

"Okay then, it's settled." Liam said, his brown eyes glued on Nemean. "Which house are we going to first?"

"We'll go to Niall's," Lee announced as she swung one leg over Nemean's back, Niall gave a small cheer. "We have to move quick, though. A group of demigods in one place will attract attention."

"And a black lion wouldn't?" Louis said.

"I mean attention from Greek monsters. They can smell demigods, and six demigods in one place is very dangerous. Together we have a stench that will travel for miles."

Harry smelled himself, "But, I smell like pomegranates." Lee looked at Harry like he gave her a very important price of information.

"I'll tell you more at the camp, let's go pay a visit to your families."


Zayn was surprised, his new motorcycle worked perfectly. No pieces fell out, or any flat tires happened. He never knew that much about Greek mythology, let alone all of the gods names. The unit in class when they learned about it, was usually his time to naps.

After they visited Niall's family, they moved on to Zayn's. When that arrived, Lee started walking behind Zayn.

"Why are you coming with me?" He asked.

"Oh, I know your mom." Lee told him and shuffled past him. How did she know his mum?

Once Zayn opened the door, he heard his mom call out to him.

"Zayn?" She sounded like she was in the kitchen. "It that you?"

"Momma Malik?" Lee called back to her.

"Lee?" Zayn's mom walked out the kitchen. "Oh, Lee. Is it time to tell him?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry."

"Tell me what?" Zayn was confused, why would his mom need to tell him? He grew up with her and her name was on his birth certificate. Wasn't his dad his godly parent?

"Zayn," his mother turned to him. "I love you like my own son, but you're not. Your father knows who your birth mother is, he won't tell me though. I'm so sorry."

Zayn soaked this information in. His mother wasn't his mum. Does this make her his step-mother? His eyes clouded as he hugged her.

"I love you too," he kissed her forehead. "And I'll miss you."

"I miss you too. Now go on you two, be safe," she waved after Lee and Zayn.

"Bye Momma Malik!" Lee waved back as they started walking down the concrete path towards the other boys.

"Momma Malik?" Zayn questioned Lee as they both swung their legs over their 'motorcycles'.

"What?" She grinned, Zayn thought it looked like one of those smiles Louis pulls when he's planning one of his pranks.

"How do you know my mom?"

Lee sighed, "That's a long story I will never get into."


They arrived at Camp Half-Blood after visiting families.

"That's the Big House, where our camp directors stay." Lee pointed to a house in the middle of the camp. "You all will be staying in the Hermes cabin for now, since you're all unclaimed." She pointed to a run down cabin that was partially falling apart. "Now, I have to go, so I'll be in here." She pointed to another workshop, the boys followed her in.

Lee sighed, Zayn guessed she was getting tired of them. Instead, she put a smile on her face. "This is the Cabin 9 Workshop!"

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