Vial of "Life"

This describes how I have felt for so long.


1. Vial of "Life"

I stumble through the seconds of life

Somehow always falling,



Into pools of disease.

The Doctor's prognosis is life- 

But one unfulfilled.

The diagnosis: e.coli of the heart, salmonella of the soul

A virus contracted 

By listening to what you, and I, say to me

Harsh words of incompetence and inability.

My fingers extend outwards 

Towards the vial of your approval

But its contents spill out on some other person, place, or thing.

Without this cure, 

I die, And am a martyr for broken hearts and dreams.


"You're a walking graveyard"

You spit to me

Because I could never obtain your approval, I am now dead to you,


                                                                                                                            and you

But if living means only pleasing others

I'm dead for me

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