Harry potter online chat

Hi hope yhu guys enjoy MyFathaWillHearBoutDis(Draco) HpBoyWhoLivd(Harry) LilGG(Ginny) JokerF(Fred) JokerG(George) VoldyLuvsYuhSoMuchLikeTotesUGoDeathEatersIHateHarryNDumbledoreNMudbloods! (Voldemort) Hagridiscool(Hagrid) RonniSugerBby(Ron) SmartrThanU(Hermione) looneyLune1(Luna) Y_is_it_Always_Me (Neville) SiriuslyBlack( Sirius black) BelliBooDeatheater(Bellatrix)


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HpBoiWhoLivd has a new post: My fat cousin is a pig seriously he has a tail! Oh n I'm a wizard :D

SiriuslyBlack: no IM Sirius!

Dudleykinz: Dafuq man? Thought we were cool!

HpBoiWhoLivd: Hell naw! You ate the only cake I've ever gotten! N who da hell r u? @SiriuslyBlack

SiriuslyBlack: srry can't tell you'll kno in 2 years lawl! #Spoilers

Dudleykinz: Sorry bro, Thought u could just ask your mum and dad for a new one... Oh wait!

HpBoiWhoLivd :Aw hell naw!!! Bitch please at least they cared about me and didn't spoil me and at least I'm not a fat hoe! N oookay? @SiriuslyBlack

Dudleykinz:W-Well at least.. at least! Bah! I give up!

HpBoiWhoLivd : Haha, Fatty!


HagridtheCool: Oh no one cares you Muggle scum!

HpBoiWhoLivd posted: @ Hogwarts I met Rob n Harmony

RonnisugerBby: Dude wtf it's Ron!

SmartrThanU: And I am simply Hermione, Harry Potter! And Ronald, Why in Merlin's beard would you make your name Ronni Suger Bby!?

RonniSugerBby: @JokerF made my account! He is my brother! Fred why did you make my name that tho?

JokerF: idk I wus bord n u wanted me 2 make u a account @jokerG helped 2! Lolzies

JokerG: Lawl

HpBoiWhoLivd posted: Haha bitchez I'm on the quidditch team n ur not! Lawl in yhur face! Especially yhu @MyFathaWillHearBoutDis!

MyFathaWillHearBoutDis: Not cool bro I'm too yung #MyFathaWillHearBoutDis!

HpBoiWhoLivd: Sucka!

SmartrThanU: Harry Although he is very rude there is no need to Brag!

MyFathaWillHearBoutDis: Shut it MudBlood your not in this! N how dare you call me rude #MyFathaWillHearBoutDis

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