Journey Of Magic

Arianna Blackwood is her name. Let's say her whole life has been a lie and most of friends know her secret that she doesn't know. She has magical powers that she doesn't know of she has nor control it. She has to go to a school of unordinary people She falls another guy but he has powers but also a secret. We'll she be able to handle all of this?


3. Chapter 3-Shit Just Got Real!

I kept on running until I got to the swings. I kept on saying 'why'! Then a soothing voice interrupted me and then another came in but it was familiar voice. I looked up to see who it was. It was Vanessa and some boy. He was cute but a stranger.

Vanessa:"Are you okay"?

???:"You may not know me Arianna but I'm Ethan. But are you okay does your body hurt"?

Me:"No and okay". Such a caring guy and hot one.

Vanessa:"I know you were gonna ask this but this is my friend we know each other since in diapers! Also we'll explain these powers".

They then sat beside me to calm me down and explain. I was glad they told me but anger was formed in my body taking over me I couldn't control it! My eyes rolled back, all you could see white but what I saw was unbelievable! I saw fire,grief,pain,hate,betrayal,war, and suffering inside me. I had a big force field around covering me. It then exploded and everything was in the air in slow motion while I was looking at it. but for them it went pretty they couldn't react enough in time. When it stopped it was this big ka-boom sound. I'm for sure the people ears hurt but it won't kill them right?!Luckily I didn't destroy the place.

Vanessa:"Shit Just..Got...Real"! She said screaming.

Ethan:"Calm down". He try saying nice and soothing.

Me:"I can't fucking calm down! I've been lied to my whole life, my life is just a big lie"! I screamed with even more anger.

I was then brought down harshly. I then I tried to get them but I was stopped and pushed back, it felt like I was thrown. Some said 'you need to stop we need to talk'! I ignored them until I was hit with fire. It did hurt like hell but it didn't bother me as much until I found out who was hitting me.

It was Vanessa! My best friend! The one I trusted. All of sudden I was blocked from getting hit. I saw Ethan protecting me.

Ethan:"Vanessa you need to stop"!

Vanessa:"Why so she can do more damage? So she can almost kill us...turn dark"?!

Ethan:"No, you can kill her and I know you'll regret it"!!!

Vanessa: She calm down, the fire in eyes and in her disappeared.

The pain was too much for me. I blacked out. I try screaming but it to late.

I woke up to arguing. People saying 'no' or 'shut the fuck up'! I couldn't take it, it started to give me a headache. 'Stop Yelling'! I said with powerful force. They stopped and looked at me. Vanessa came to me but I blocked her away. Then I saw Ethan coming towards me. I took away the shield and let him come. But before he spoke to me I hugged him. Even tho we didn't know each other it felt like I did and I know I can trust him, I don't know how but I can feel it. My heart was warmed.

Ethan:"Are you ok"?


Ethan:"We're gonna explain everything to you, okay"?


Vanessa:"Look I'm sorry for what I did"!

Me:"It's okay, but I'm still mad at you. Your gonna have to gain my trust".

Vanessa:"Okay, we'll I'm going to the bathroom".

Ethan:"Look we've been friends since age five but something happened".

Me:"Wait what"?

Ethan:"Your dad made me leave you, you use to live Gemageia. A magical place where unordinary people go. He erased me in your memory. He blocked me from you so I couldn't even think of you. Your dad took off the spell. I did fall for you but I have a arranged marriage now. But please tell you remember..."

Me:"I'll try".

He then grabbed my hands and kissed me. I had a flashback of him. When we were kids, everything. I kissed him back. I knew we weren't strangers! Then Vanessa came in.

Vanessa:"What the hell"?!

Me:I pulled away quickly.

Ethan:He did the same.

Vanessa:"Are you two a thing now"? she said while crossing her two fingers.

Me:"Not yet".


Me:"Can I go home"?

Vanessa:"No, your sleeping over"!


Tonight I decided to lay down with Ethan. I felt safe. I think I love him. I may be falling to quick. We cuddle that night. I was shorter than him so my head was on his chest. But that night to, I had an nightmare. It's was taken over my body. My mind decided to pick up something and breaking to get the anger out. I think I woke him up because I felt warm, strong but soft arms wrap around me. Some how it stopped me.

How, did I need him.....?

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