Don't leave(Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Daddy once said never judge people by there looks! Never be afraid of them but thats was before he died! I never been so close or scared to a boy or a man thats until i met him!


1. chapter 1


*Beep Beep*

Ughh i slammed my alarm clock off and got out of bed oh sorry i didn't introduce myself.

Hell my name is Megan smith i love music i'm in love with dimples and i'm in 10th grade i have a best friend name Kendall i know Weird name for a girl i have dark brown hair blue eyes and i'm mexican. I'm 5 in 7ft and I'm the weirdest person ever. But in school people consider me as a goody two shoes. which i kinda am.

Okay back to reality. I got out of bed and went to take a quick shower.

After 5 mins in the shower i got out and put on black laced matching undergarments and a pink baby doll dress with nude flats. I curled my hair and put liquid eyeliner,mascara and lip gloss!

I walked downstairs and saw my mom cooking breakfast.

"Hey mom" i said

"Hey honey ready for school" She said

"I guess anyway what are you doing?' I asked her

"Pancakes " she said and handed me a plate of pancakes.

I ate them and gave my mom a kiss on a cheek.

"Bye mom love you" I said before heading out to school.

I got in my red mustang and left.

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