Harry and Ingrid are a happy couple,life is good. Harry meets Ingrid's family for the first time. But early Ingrid took a test and found out she's pregnant with Harry's baby! Will Harry stay with her?


1. Dad No!!!!!

Harry and I are a couple. Yes the Harry Styles from One Direction. I love him deeply,but today he is gonna meet my family for the first time. That's not the only problem,lately I have been feeling sick. I think I know what it is. I went to CVS and got a test. I ran to the bathroom and was gonna start the test. Harry was getting dress,and I was already done. I am waiting for the results. Omfg it showed a +! How do I tell Harry? Maybe over dinner? Yeah just maybe. Harry came knocking on the door. I jumped up threw the test in the garbage, and opened the door. Hey love can I get a towel? What did you do now? I might've spilled some of you shampoo on the floor. Ugh just clean it. I went downstairs and waited for Harry. Hey babe you ready? Yeah hold on. Ok let's go to the car. Harry started to dance he opens the door up for me and I just laughted. We are here! Dad!Mom!Mark!Katilyn! How are you guys? We're good! I got into my choice of high school! Mark that's amazing! Guys this is Harry my boyfriend. Hi Harry my mom said. We got gifts for you. Kaitlyn I know you love One Direction so I made the boys sign you favorite 1D book. OMG thanks so much! Mark we got you a skateboard because we heard what happened to your other one. Oh thanks! Mr and Mrs Carver we got you some rings. Oh Harry its beautiful. Alright let's eat I said clapping my hands. After dinner I felt sick and ran to the bathroom. When I came out everyone looked at me. Guys I have to say something not even Harry knows. I am preg.. YOU GOT MY DAUGHTER PREGNANT!! Sir I can explain! NO! He started to punch Harry. I pushed him off. DONT EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN! I ran and got the rings and we left. Ingrid why didn't you tell me? Harry I am sorry! It's ok I am happy! What? You thought I was gonna be mad. Yeah I guess I expected the worse.

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