The Bestfriend

Sophia's boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend is Harry Styles. Forever they have been known as Sarry. Could Harry actually be the one? Will Harry date her enemy? Will Louis leave One Direction?

Read 2 find out!!!


3. Me and You

  I woke up wrapped in Harry's arms. I checked my phone and it said 9:13am. I had four miss calls. All from Louis. I called him back. I rang two times then I heard him. "Hey Lou." I said sighing. "Hey come home." He said begging. "I'm on my way." I said. "Love you." He told me. "Love you too." I said and hung up. "Leaving me already?" Harry asked. I messed with his hair. "If we're gonna keep it a secret, yes." I told him. "I love you Sophia." He said sadly. "I love you too." I said thinking. I love Harry and Louis. I love too.

    Once I got to Lou's he hugged me. "Sorry I didn't understand last night." He said kissing my head. I hugged him back. "No problem Lou Bear." I told him. "Hungry?" He asked. I nodded. "How was Brittney?" He asked. "Good, she's pregnant." His jaw dropped. "You're kidding?" He said. "No, and it's Justin's." I totally made up that lie. She is preg but she doesn't know who's it is.

   Lou got a call. "Ello?" "No problem." Yeah sure." "Ok ok." "Love you too mum." "Mmm ok ok love you." "Bye" he said in the conversation. "Mum's having her ultra sound." I nodded. "I'll be back in about two hours." He told me. He kissed my cheek and said 'goodbye' and left. I pulled out my phone. I texted Harry. "Come over." I said. "I can't." He said sighing. "Why?" I asked disappointed. "Lou!" He yelled. "He's not here for two." I told him. "Oh, ok be over in a bit babe."

     I opened the door. "Hey." I said. He hugged me. I shut the door. We kissed for two minutes. I jumped and wrapped my legs around him. He pushed my back against the wall. We stayed there for like maybe ten minutes. Then he carried me to a spare bedroom. He pushed me on the bed. We layed there. He was on top of me. Never breaking our kiss he took my shirt off. Happily I  took his off. We both layed on each other shirtless. I took off my short shorts. He gladly took his off.

     He smirked before taking off his boxers. He ripped off my underwear then bra. He kissed down my torso. Then sucking my stomach. I moaned a loud 'Harry'. He wouldn't stop. "Harry." He looked up. "What?" He asked. "I'm not getting pregnant!" He laughed. "You won't." He said then entered me hard. I smiled inbetween every kiss. Soon the door inside opened. "I'm home!!!" I heard. "Shit." I whispered. "Get in the closet." Harry grabbed his clothes and got in the closet. I got dressed quickly and went to greet Lou home.

   "How'd it go?" I asked. "Not so good. Mums in pain and I gotta stay with her for a while." Yes! He held my hand. "Wear your ring and I promise, promise it will go by quick." He told me looking into my blue eyes. I hugged him. "When do you have to leave?" I asked. "Five." It's 4:47pm. He left to get packing and I followed. "Maybe you could have a friend live here for a while maybe." He said. I nodded. He grabbed his bag. "Love you." He said sadly. "Love you too, when are you coming back?" I asked. "Maybe two months." He left with the wave of a hand.

    I ran into the bedroom. "Come out!!" I yelled happily. Harry came out. "It's just me and you for two months!!!" I yelled and Harry grabbed my waist and kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Me and you." He told me smirking.

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