The Bestfriend

Sophia's boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend is Harry Styles. Forever they have been known as Sarry. Could Harry actually be the one? Will Harry date her enemy? Will Louis leave One Direction?

Read 2 find out!!!


2. Me and Harry

   I knock on his door. "Who's there?" He yells. "Me, Sophia!" I yell back. "Come on in!" He yells. I come in and don't see Gemma. Harry walks up to me. "Where's Gemma?" I ask and look around. "Not here yet." He says. "Hey Harry I need to tell you something-" I try to say. But Gemma walked in. "What were you going to say?" He asks and welcomes Gemma. "I need to tell you alone." He nods. "Be back in a bit Gem." He tells Gemma. "K" she says and we walk into a room.

   Here it goes. "I-" I try to say it. "I need to tell you something too." Haz says. "Um I like-" I froze. "I like you." Harry says. "You do?" I ask surprised. "Yes, do you like-" "me" I finish his sentence. "And yes." He picks me up and spins me around. Kissing me gently. He lets me down one minute later. "We have to keep it away from Louis." I say. He kisses me once again. "I know." I smile in between kisses. Gemma walks in. "What?!!!?!?!!?!!!!" She yells. "Don't tell Lou!" Harry yells. "My lips are sealed." She soon tells us. Harry grabs my cheeks and kisses me. "Sophia." He tells me. "I never thought, ever you would love me." I giggle. "More then anything. You have always caught my eye.

    Gemma leaves the room. "This is all I wanted to tell you today, Gemma was backup." He tells me.  I look in his eyes. "Can I say, 'I love you' yet?" I ask. He pulls me back on his bed. See that?" He asks. "What?" I ask. "Here!" He points to my lips. "What about them?" I ask. "They scream Harry's property." I giggle. "How are we going to tell Louis?" I ask. Harry sighs. "He will find out." I kiss Harry's lips. "I wanna stay with you tonight." I tell him. "Tell Lou your at a friend's house." I giggle and text Louis. 'Hey! At Brittney's tonight!' I text. 'Alright gonna miss you.' Lou texted back. 'xoxoxoxo' I text then focus on Harry. "I'm yours." I say and his laughs.

   I kiss his soft lips. "What do ya wanna do?" I ask. "Want to go look at pussy cats?" He asks. I giggle. "Of course Haz!" We walk out of the room holding hands. We say goodbye to Gemma and get in his car. *skip car ride* we hop out of the car and are attacked by pap. "Harry who's this?" "Harry what's her name?" "Harry what's she for?" Until one yelled. "That's Louis' girlfriend!!!"

  Harry soon grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. Guards soon locked the door. Harry ran over to the cat section. "Look at this one!" He yells. I walk over and see a little white black speckled kitten. "Mini pussy!" He yells. My phone rang. "Soph?!?!?!" Louis yells. I close my eyes and take a breath.  "Yes Louis?" "I thought you were at Brittney's!!!!" He yells. "I'm still with Harry." He sighs. "Whatever. Explain it to me tomorrow." He says. "He hung up." I told Harry. "Wanna go to my place?" He suggests. I nod.

   We get to his house and I walk into his room. I lay on the bed and start to sob. Harry comes over and hugs me. "Hey, hey, Sophia it's alright." He says tryin to calm me down. "I can't handle so much!" I yell hugging his chest. He sighs. "I love you Harry." I say drying my eyes. "I love you too." I hug him and look into his eyes. I push him back on the bed and get on top of him. "No, not tonight." Harry tells me. "Get me a drink then." He smiles and gets me a beer. I drink it in less then one minute.

     "Come on Harry." I say. "Baby your drunk." He says holding me down. "Wat? Fuck na." I say. "One kiss." I say. He kisses my lips. He tucks me into his bed and lays beside me. He strokes my hair. 

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