The Bestfriend

Sophia's boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend is Harry Styles. Forever they have been known as Sarry. Could Harry actually be the one? Will Harry date her enemy? Will Louis leave One Direction?

Read 2 find out!!!


16. Away from Them

    I told my parents I was pregnant last week. I don't know if they were happy. But I got a text this morning that said my grandma died. I haven't told the guys yet. I don't know if I will. If I do then they will want to come with me. But if I take one person maybe they won't tell. I think I'll tell Harry so we can talk in private.

    Harry walked into my room. I smiled. "Hey." I grabbed the remote and turned the tv off. He smiled and walked towards me. He sat on the bed. He layed beside me and smiled. "Everything alright?" I nodded. "Yea, but, can you maybe..." he stared at me wondering what the hell I'm talking about. "Can you come with me to something?" I looked at my legs. "To the death of my grandma?" He frowned at me. "Yes, of course." I put my head on his shoulder. "Don't tell anyone though they will be jealous." He smiled and nodded.

    I didn't reply to the text. My dad just sent me where and when. It's in the states. Ohio to be exact. I am going. I know the guys can help me with money because we all share. Seriously, we all share a bank account. That's where all my money is.

    I looked at my hair in the mirror. "Louis!" I yelled. I heard footsteps then I say him in the mirror. "I think, my hair is blah." He smiled. "What do you want to do to it?" I smiled and looked at the sink. "I want to dye it." He walked over closer to me. His arm wrapped around me. "I think you always look perfect." I blushed. "I don't think so." He smiled.

   I shut the car door behind me. Louis looked over to me to make sure I was ok. I smiled. We walked in. "Sophia?" I smiled and nodded. "I'm Alyson." I smiled. "I would like to add some cyan blue on my tips." She nodded. "We can do that! Easy." Before I knew it I loved my hair.

    I walked out smiling. MY HAIR IS FREAKIN BLUE I LOVE IT! Louis kept smiling at me too. I opened the car door and got in. "MIDNNIGHT MEMORIES! OH OH OH OH! EVERYWHERE WE GO, NEVER SAY NO! JUST DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" That was what the car drive home was like.

    Once we got there everyone stared at me. Liam walked to me. "Seriously?" I smiled. "Yes." Harry walked over. "You look beautiful, as always." He whispered in my ear. I blushed and Louis got jealous. I secretly packed my bags and got ready to go to America.

    I said that I was going to a doctor in America. Harry said he was going to go with me and the private jet is full. It's nor though.

    The plane ride was long. But we finally got to Ohio. My grandma was born here. Harry stared at me once I say the fans. We walked down the thingy. I saw my parents inside. I ran and hugged them. "I'm so sorry." They smiled. "Don't worry, we forgive you, your old enough." I hugged my mom more. She was so close to her mum. I was too.

    We got to the hospital where she is being held. I grabbed my mum's hand. Me and Harry were arm in arm. I saw a white blanket. I was crying already. Then the doctor pulled the blanket down. I saw here face and ran out of the room. I heard foot steps behind me. I knew it was Harry but I didn't stop. I got to a fish tank and sat down. Harry sat down by me. "We can make it through." He whispered.

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