Dear Diary (Niall Horan)

Niall found a diary. Later on, he wants to find this anonymous girl. Will he find her? If so what will happen? maybe find love with in each other..


2. Chapter 2

Next day

Niall felt disappointed. He just wanted to help that girl some how. Just to tell her that she isn't alone. Niall didn't slept the whole night just thinking about it. Louis saw Niall sitting on the couch like a life less soul. Weird right? how he cares about someone he doesn't even know. Just like his fans even though she wasn't part of it.

"Niall what's up? What happen?"Louis said softly, wrapping his hand on his shoulder. Niall got spooked out of his thoughts.

"Nothing. So are we going to get ready for the interview or what!?" He said with a fake smile painted across his face but Louis knew something was up. Louis checked the time and in matter of seconds forgetting about the whole situation.

"Shit. We're going to be late come

On let's get ready!" He said hurriedly.

They got all pepped up and left to the interview.

After the interview, they all went back to their tour bus. Niall was tired. Staying up all night wasn't really his thing but when something like this happens he would become nocturnal. Niall couldn't resist the heaviness of his eye-lids any much longer so he went back into his bunk and fell asleep.

The good thing was that they just had one interview and had the rest of the day off.

Later on, at night Niall woke up. He could hear the snoring coming from the boys. He smiled. He brought the diary to the couch with him and continued reading where he left of.

"Dear Diary,

Today the pain felt even worse than before. I ditched high school. Right now I'm at an alley, where I usually hang out by myself. It's peaceful. I like it. I was thinking off runaway last time and now that I'm thinking about it doesn't sound so bad after all. Maybe tomorrow would be a good to run off. I'm thinking to travel to New York. I'm only 16 but I guess I'm old enough to buy a plane ticket to New York. I will be going off to New York tomorrow officially and I'm going to take-"

"Aha! I caught you!" Louis screamed cutting off Niall's reading. Niall quickly slammed the book shut and place it behind his back making sure it's well hidden. Louis turned around to see if he didn't wake up the other lads but they just groaned.

"So what are you reading? I thought you didn't like reading?" Louis spats. Niall does a confused face.

"What do you mean reading? I wasn't reading" Niall lies. Louis just 'hummed', putting his fingerings underneath his chin, not believing every word Niall just said.

"What do you explain this?!" Louis said snatching the diary of Niall's back.

"Uhmm.. It just a book ... A fan gave me that they wrote" Niall said nervously. He then snatching it from Louis' hand.

"Nooo!" Louis protested being his childish self. " What is it about that got you reading?"

Niall didn't know what to say. So he just said it was like a diary like book. Louis then nodded and. yawned. Then he made his way back to his bed, leaving Niall alone again.

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