I can't believe that just happened

This is a interesting story you should really check it out you will surely enjoy it.


2. Your in Trouble

                                                     Summer's P.O.V

He should of moved, he is gone now. All well its the circle of life.

                                                     Emily's P.O.V

Emma lets go we have to call someone. Summer killed him! What are we going to do? *Emma and Emily leave but Summer chases them

                                                      Summer's P.O.V

Come back here right now!! *Summer trips giving Emma and Emily enough time to call the police.

                                                  Present Day....

                                              Emma's P.O.V

You did to kill him we saw you push him off the tower!

                                               Emily's P.O.V

Don't deny it every one saw it happen. I will even call Olivia in here to testify. * calls Olivia

Emily: Come to the police station you need to testify for us.

Olivia: For what when Summer push Mr.Prier off the tower?

Emily: Yeah

Olivia: Okay I will be right over.     *20 minutes later

                                                Policeman Mr.Hanfog  P.O.V

Young lady did you see this girl Summer push your teacher off the Eiffel tower?

                                              Olivia's P.O.V

Yes sir. 




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