Spencer and Toby

Toby and Spencer from PLL


1. The find out

Spencer's POV 

I call up Toby and tell him to come to my house because I am ready to do it I know this will be taking a big step forward to my life. OH MY GOD TOBY STOP NOW BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD!! 

I didn't get my period at the expected time and I got a little nervous because of what me and Toby did the other night. I called him up and telling him to get me a pregnancy test because I knew I got pregnant the other night. He comes over and gives it to me, we go in the bathroom and I did the pregnancy test and I was pregnant. Toby I am pregnant, what are my parents going to think I am only 17 and you are only 17, can we do it again it felt so darn good. What do you mean Spencer asked Toby. I want to do it again, OHH MY GOD TOBY STOP IT OHH MY GOD!!

I wake up in the hospital the next morning with Toby by my side, he told me you passed out. I also told your parents you are pregnant Toby told me. Can we do it in the hospital? No we will get caught said Toby. I wanna do it again, Alright says Toby. OHH MY GOD FEELS SO DAMN GOOD STOP IT YOU!!! I am dressed back up again and so is Toby and then my mom and dad walk in.

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