Life is a Dream not a Destination

x-men first class story for Havok/ Alex Summers


8. Vision's

~~My mind was on a record all night was all of the happiest memories that I have ever had with Alex flashed by my eyelids like a movie including all of the new memories that I had made with him the night before, but I never would have expected how intense my emotions had been throughout the years.
 The heated blanket that I was cuddled around and my precious memories started shaking and breaking into millions of pieces all around me until I was surrounded in nothing but darkness with nothing but the sounds of voices around me.
 “Why is she here?” Asked a high pitched voice.
 “Because she’s a mutant Sean, like us.” Muffled a deeper voice sarcastically. I like this guy!
 “I know that stupid.” Replied the high pitched voice. Who I’m assuming was someone named Shawn.
 “Then don’t be asking stupid questions.” The deeper voice yawned.
 “I just meant what is she doing here? As in with you? In your bed? Just the two of you?” Shawn asked.
 Why are they talking so weirdly?
 “Because we went out yesterday.”
 “And…”asked Shawn.
 “We got back late and she was tired, so I brought her here so that she could get some sleep.”
 “And…” Asked Shawn again with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
 “She didn’t want to be alone, so I stayed?” Asked the deeper voice.
 “Dam it Alex!” Growled Shawn angrily.
 “What?” Asked Alex innocently……. Wait Alex?
 I started squirming around in Alex’s arms now realising where I was and who I was with. Alex had let me sleep in his bed last night after we got back from being in town and I was so tired of being alone that I had asked him to stay, and with that I slept in his bed. He did too….Alex and I had slept together….In the same bed…. Alex, Sean, and I all began screaming at my sudden freak movements, I looked over at Alex and I think that he was only screaming because he was more startled than anything. And when I looked over towards Sean it almost seemed like a comical type of situation, he had a higher pitch scream than Alex and I did because of his supersonic mutation but it wasn’t so high of a pitch that it left us with no hearing, just with our ears ringing. He had his hand stuck in is unruly mass of ginger hair and was pulling at it and his face was pretty much the expression of being of pure terror so much of so that I could have sworn that he was probably pretty close to shitting his pants.
 Once the three of us were finished with our screaming match the room became filled with silence, well other than for the sounds of pounding of footsteps coming closer and closer to us as the door to Alex’s room suddenly slams open and the faces of Libby and Hank are able to be seen. “What the hell is going on in here?”
 Sean, Alex, and I glanced nervously between one another not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry.” I finally mumbled. “I over reacted when I didn’t remember where I was and who I was with so it was my fault for beginning with the screaming.” I continued.
 “It was Sean’s fault too for talking so loudly and waking her up in the first place.” Smirked Alex pointing his fingers at Sean accusingly.
 “What the?....I was talking as quietly as I possibly could have.” He stammered.
 “Well as long as everyone’s alright.” Muttered Hank angrily and walked away.
  Another silence passed the four of us, I glanced up at Libby and she had a wide, knowing smirk covering her face so I gave her my best confused face, she just laughed. Skipping towards me she grabbed my hand in hers and led me away from the boys and into my bedroom closing the door behind me for some privacy having a good feeling about what was going to happen.
 “What are you smirking about missy?” I asked flicking her ear when I walked by her and fell face first into my comfy bed.
 “Oh nothing.” She said skipping happily over to my dresser and pulling out multiple pieces of clothing for an outfit and humming a song to herself, much like what Raven would have done.
 I watched her and sighed, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how she and Alex could ever possibly be related. Libby had long dark brown hair with brown eyes to match whereas Alex has blond hair and blue eyes. He has an athletically fit body from working out where Lib’s was super skinny model type of body, they had somewhat of the same personality but Alex’s was mixed with real life hard ships and his younger sister was able to see life through the eyes of an innocent child’s. Like it should be without her mutation.
 “When did you decide to tell him?” I finally asked grabbing a pillow and holding it as close to my chest as I could get it.
 “The night that you and Alex had your argument.” She said while shutting my drawers and throwing me the clothes that she had decided on me wearing.
 We didn’t say anymore, I was watching and waiting for her to continue on what she had begun to tell me but she just watched me instead. Sighing I finally gave up and began stripping my clothes off from the night before throwing them roughly and carelessly all over my bedroom floor and dressed myself in the newer fresher items.
 “I told him because I had a vision.” She whispered sadly more to herself than to me.
 I stopped with my tank top half way on. “What do you mean that you had a vision?” I asked in a muffled voice because of my top.
 “I mean that I had a vision of your future.” She explained.
 “What did you see?” I asked pulling my second top down the rest of the way and sat down on my bed. I pat the spot beside me signaling that I wanted her to come and sit beside me while she continued to tell me her story.
 She sat down reluctantly and refused to look at me so I knew then that whatever it was that she saw it was bad. “Lib’s please tell me.” I mumbled reaching towards her hand and squeezing it as tightly as I possibly could.
 Her tear filled eyes locked on mine and with a crackly voice she said. “I saw what that horrible man did to you.” My eyes shut and my heart sank in disbelief. Having visions is bad enough. But having a vision of someone that you know and love being raped and tortured is one that you should never have to witness, especially with her being at such a young age it would hopefully be one of the very few that would leave a mark on her emotions. “I was scared that I was going to lose you forever so I ran to Alex and told him everything.” She continued crying.
 I held her in my arms and hushed her until I could think of what to say to her to try and calm her down. She did eventually start calming down so I started telling her whatever came out of my mouth first to try and explain the situation to her.
 “He was a really, really bad man Libby and what he did to me was cruel. When men and women decide that they love each other enough that they want a family then they would have sex.” I explained reluctantly.
 “What’s it called if someone was forced to against their will like you were sissie?” She asked sniffling.
 “Rape.” I whispered, bringing her closer to me.
 I couldn’t think of anything else to say to her, but I think that she caught the just of it. This would definitely explain why Alex had come to find me in the first place, and why he was so upset before and after I had left. “Show me.” I whispered.
 “What?” She looked up at me in confusion.
 “Show me everything that happened that night.” I said as strongly as I could force myself too.
 She watched me for a minute contemplating if she should or not. Standing up she dragged me over to the window as it began to ripple like rain hitting a puddle until images started appearing.
Libby was drawing some doodles in one of her school books when her eyes suddenly became cloudy and glassy. This only ever happened when she was having a vision of someone’s past, and I assumed that’s what was happening this time as well.
I was back at the door of the cell that I had been held captive in and Sebastian had just finished taking off his clothes and yelled at me. “Get down on your knees and try not to bite so hard this time.” The version of me that was in front of him did as she was told and stopped midway through instructions. She had stopped because she had begun to choke on a mix of his enormous size and also because of the saliva and tears that were all mixing together in her mouth.
I watched as my nightmares once again became a reality as everything that had been done to me, I was watching it be done again but this time it was like I was watching it like a movie. My eyes started tearing up at what I was witnessing and Libby must have been watching me to see when it would be too hard to me to continue to watch this because next thing that I know is that I can’t hear any of my pleading with my attacker and slowly but surely the scene in front of me was changing.
Alex was sitting on his bed slumped over, shirtless, and drowsy with sleep from just getting up when a tear filled eyed Libby ran into the room fearfully and jumped into the boy’s unsuspecting arms. She had jumped and landed on Alex’s side and was balling her eyes out. “Libby what’s wrong?” he asked concerned.
She began telling him everything that she had seen in her vision in extreme detail so that he would know every little thing that would happen to me. He was surprisingly gentle with her as she continued telling him her story, he whispered into her ear anything to try and calm her down whenever she would go back into a worst fit of tears at the bad parts, he would pull her tighter against his toned chest and rub her back until she began feeling better.
I could tell that he wanted nothing more at that moment than to find this guy before he got the chance to touch me and to rip him limb from limb, but unfortunately we all know how that ended up.
The Libby that was next to me had to squeeze my hand to bring me back to earth and to realize that Alex has already felt all this pain. He was able to calm Libby down when she started to whisper something so quietly that even being two feet away from ourselves in the past, we weren’t able to hear her. And I don’t think that she had any intention of Alex hearing her but he did, and whatever she said it made him flip out. BIG time.
“I’m sorry alright?” She screamed. “I didn’t know who you were at the time and Violet told me to get to know you first before I said anything to you about being my brother.”
 “Of course she did.” He muttered angrily. Standing up he walked out of the room and out of our sight.
 Libby continues to sit on her brother’s bed and once again began to cry as soon as she could hear voices coming from outside most likely from her brother and the closest person that she has ever had to a sister.

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