Life is a Dream not a Destination

x-men first class story for Havok/ Alex Summers


9. The beginning of the end

When I woke up this morning it was the second time ever in my life that I remembered waking up with someone else in my bed and arms. Libby had been too upset to go back to her room after she showed me her vision. Since no one else was up as usual I moved Libby and myself so that I was able to get out of my bed so that I was able to get out of my bed so that I could go downstairs and make some breakfast. But when I walked into the kitchen I was completely flabbergasted at the mess. There were bits of food on the dirty dishes from when people have had meals and the food bits were all going moldy and unfortunately so were the plates that they were on. They were such nice plates too and I hate that I have to throw them away, but there was no way that anyone is going to be eating off of them again, ever. After I took out 3 FUCKING BAGS of garbage the kitchen was finally clean, so I made my way back upstairs to speak to Charles about getting some money so that I could go and get some groceries. Thankfully everyone was finally awake and had whatever they could find for salvageable food in the kitchen. “Is there anything specific that you guys want while I’m out?” I asked everyone. As soon as I had the list made I made my way over to the living room and jumped onto Sean’s back. “Let’s get going then since we have a pretty lengthy list of things that we need to get.” I smiled. “Why me though?” He moaned giving me a pretty sad attempt at a puppy dog pout. “You’ll see.” I smiled bending down and giving him a peck on his cheek. “Where to first my lady?” He smiled. “Excuse me.” Said Alex. “See you later Alex!” I yelled back. “I don’t think so, get back here.” He said getting up and coming with us. I turned around to face him and gave him a peck on the lips. “There happy now?” I asked. “Not even close.” He smirked and leaned down and gave me a full kiss on the lips. I smiled and turned away from him and I didn’t even bother hiding my blush from Sean. Our drive into the city was silent because Sean was still half asleep and there was no way that I was going to kiss him again even if it was on the cheek, and also because I didn’t feel like starting a conversation. But once we got into the grocery store it was as if someone had flipped Sean’s switch because the boy suddenly became wide awake and began bouncing around everywhere and talking about random shit. Even though it was starting to drive me insane I just let it go and ignored him. “I’m sorry if I’m annoying you.” He said jumping back to me and placing something into our cart. “It’s just that everyone is different sense we lost Erik, which is totally ok by me because he was a major creep but losing Raven too. I don’t think that anyone would have expected that.” “Sean I…” “What I mean to say is that everyone’s changed especially you and I don’t know how to act anymore so I’m just trying to be random and make everyone smile and be happy…” He kept on rambling like this the entire time so I just let it go and tuned him out, I guess this was his ‘new’ way on trying to fix things is being himself and I was grateful for that because he wasn’t trying to act as if I was a road block but a human being. I was silent for the most part but I couldn’t help laughing at him whenever the poor boy spotted a cute girl and tried to hit on her but ended up failing epically. If felt like an eternity had passed but we finally finished the shopping and I wanted to treat Sean to a surprise. We parked the car at a small café and he stayed glued to his seat in confusion. “C’mon it’s my treat.” I said smacking his chest, he came back to earth and entered the store with me. Once we sat down I decided to tell him why I really brought him here. “Libby I was most comfortable with because she’s a girl.” I began when we had gotten our food and drinks. “Second was Hank because he was heartbroken over Raven and I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going to do anything stupid to himself again because of his mutation going haywire because of that ‘Cure’ that he made for himself. Third was Charles for the exact same reason’s as Hanks were, and I wasn’t going to go near Alex because we have way more to work out than just being able to be near him again because of Sebastian. But he reached out to me and I knew it could crush him if I didn’t give him a chance to help me fix things, so I did and it worked out well but there’s still a long way to go between him and I. Then there’s you.” “What about me?” “I brought you with me today so that we could become friends again, and that’s why I brought you here so that we could have some time alone together like I did with everyone else.” I finished smiling at him. “So let me get this straight.” He straightened his back and began acting Mr. Professional. “If we stay out as late as you and Alex did the other night, does that mean that you will sleep with me when we get back?” Thankfully my drink was a cold one because it came shooting out of my mouth and nose as I broke down laughing my guts out, Sean had made the same mistake because he went to take a drink of his, it ended up shooting out of his mouth, nose, and I’m not sure how he managed it but it came out of his ears too. So that made my laughing attack even worse as I laughed even harder because of Sean, man I was laughing so much that I was starting to turn purple. It took a while for me to finally catch my breath and be able to actually talk again but I was able to manage a small. “Depends on how late that we stay out tonight.” Before we realized it the sun had set and they were closing the café down for the night, the two of us continued on with our fun for the entire ride home, once we made it back it didn’t take us long to put the groceries away and make dinner. Tonight’s menu was spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and some green/yellow/red peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, celery, and broccoli. Sean put everything on the table as one by one the remaining members of the Xavier mansion came down to the kitchen to be fed. “Once again that’s another fine meal Mrs. Violet Xavier.” Smiled Hank patting his stomach in content. Sean gave a loud belch and sighed happily. “Agreed, thanks Sean.” “Wait Sean helped?” Asked Alex bewildered. “Relax Alex he only dealt with the table.” I laughed at the expression of absolute horror on his face. “Oh thank god.” While we were all laughing I looked towards my brother who smiled sadly at us, he gave a slight nod to me and quietly made his way back to his room. No one seemed to notice his disappearance other than me as everyone continued laughing and joking about whatever they were talking about. Alex’s hand made its way down my thigh until it rested on my knee and squeezed it tightly. When I looked at him though he was laughing along with Sean I’m not sure if he noticed what happened or not but I intertwined my fingers with his anyways just wanting to feel his touch. The stars in the sky were absolutely breathtaking tonight, the moon was shining brightly from the sky with no clouds in sight to interfere with their beauty. Someone wrapped their arms around my waist from behind me and sank their head comfortably on my shoulder. We were silent for quite some time until he decided to break it. “Just give it time, he’s still healing.” “We all are Alex.” I whispered. “You, him, and Libby have more to heal from than the rest of us do and everyone just needs their own time and space.” “That’s not it.” I turned around in his hold on me and crossed my arms across my chest. “He’s given up Alex.” “No he…” “Yes Alex he has.” “How are you so sure?” “Because he’s my brother, and he has never acted like this before, ever. I have plenty of times throughout my life and he always made me feel better.” I was losing my concentration because of how warm I was in Alex’s arms, he either didn’t notice or didn’t care as he lightly pushed me so that I was cradled in his chest and rocked me from side to side. “I’m scared Alex.” I whispered. “I am too Violet, but unfortunately there’s not a lot that we can do for him except wait and pray.” I knew that he was right but I couldn’t just wait to see how this would turn out or if it would work itself out in time. There had to be something that I was able to do, I am a girl of action and somehow that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
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