Life is a Dream not a Destination

x-men first class story for Havok/ Alex Summers


2. Home Sweet Home

~~When I woke up the next morning I saw that everyone was still sleeping, so as quietly as I could while still being half asleep I slowly nudged my way out of Alex's arms and waddled my way towards the kitchen to see if there was anything in there that I could salvage for us for breakfast.

"What's of the menu?" asks Sean leaning against the counter top, at the sound of his voice I jumped
"Holy shit Sean," you scared me! I squeaked
"Sorry," he laughed quietly
"Anyways there seems to be enough food here for some scrambled eggs, and toast with fruit," I mumbled to myself
“Sounds good, where do we start?” he asks while eagerly rubbing his hands together

Smiling I told him that he could deal with the toast and fruit, while I got going on the scrambled eggs and the dishes. Around half an hour later Sean and I were nearly done getting the food ready when he decided that we should wake everyone else up for some food, so Sean went over and started nudging Alex in the ribs while I walked over silently to Hank and Raven and started lightly shaking them and telling them that we had some food ready for them to eat.

It didn't take to long for everyone to wake up once we told them that we had food ready and they were able to smell if for themselves, so when everyone was done eating all of the food was gone and everyone chipped in on washing the dishes and putting away the food and ingredients that were not used in the mornings fiasco. Everyone made a silent pack when we were done that we would go to our bedrooms and see if there were any of our possessions that we were able to take with us wherever it was that we were going to go to next.

When everyone was done in what was left of their former rooms the group of young adults met in the lounge room one last time before leaving as a group to stand infront of the demolished building that was once called the FBI building. We all sat on the bench that was just outside by the full parking lot and sat in silence waiting for Charles and Erik to get back from their meeting.

We didn't have to wait to long before I felt the familiar feeling of my brother in my head, and before he even got the chance to ask what had happened I closed my eyes and showed him all of my horrible memories of the night before. When he was done in my brain I looked over cautiously to Raven and saw that the look in her eyes showed me that my brother was already in her head and watching the events of last night unfold from her perspective.

I look around the group to see if any of them had any bruises or anything that wasn't healing properly so that i could go over and help them with my power, but the only one that I saw who actually needed any assistance was Alex. I nudged Alex to see if he was even awake, but when he turned his face towards mine I saw that he had bloodshot eyes from not sleeping a wink last night. And the bags under his eyes showed further proof that he had been crying even more when everyone fell asleep last night.

"Close your eyes Alex," I said
"Why?", he asked sceptically
"Because I can help make you look like your actually alive, instead of looking like on of the walking dead", I replied coolly, I said while grabbing onto his hand

He pulled his hand away from mine as fast as he could, but when he took a look at it he saw that all of the muscles in his hand looked relaxed and not as soar from last night. After he realized what it was that I was doing to him he gave me his hand back to keep on going on helping him. I wasn't sure how much help that I was going to be to him but I knew that I needed to try something to help him.
So absentmindedly I started tracing circles around his knuckles and on both sides of his palm to relax his muscles, while looking out of the side of my eyes I could see that Alex was watching our hands in amazement as the water was coming out of my finger tips and soaking into his skin, moving up to any part of his body that was dehydrated in any way.

"Is everyone alright?" at the sound of Charles voice Alex and I snapped out of our own thoughts and came back to our reality.
"Were fine", I mumbled standing up to hug my brother
"Sorry guys, but your all going to have to go back to where you came from", demands Charles
"No!" screams everyone together
"Sean has no where to go back to!" I said standing beside my now best friend and holding onto his hand
"And were not letting Alex go back to prison!" demands Sean
"None of us have anywhere to go", says Hank sadly
"Yes we do!" I said smirking at Raven and Charles
"Of course we do", replies Raven catching onto my drift

we all got into two of the FBI vehicles, me, Sean, Alex, Hank, and Raven in one while Charles, and Erik were in another with Moira. We teenagers were just playing stupid games to try and pass the time until we got to the mansion, but none of us were really interested in it. They were only interested in where it was that we were going to.

After a while though we all finally made it to the mansion that Charles, Raven, and I all grew up in and when everyone else got out of the cars all of their mouths dropped at the sight of their new home.
"Violet, oh Violet, where are you my dear Violet?", sang the beautiful voice of a child

I decided that before the owner to the voice made her appearance, I thought that I would give her a little welcome home present. I turned my eyes and focused on the small hole in the garden hose and with my eyes glowing; I controlled the small flow of water into the forest and directly following the voice. When the water source reached her I maximized the volume of the water and drenched the girl.
We all heard a loud shrieking noise as the girl ran out of the forest, in what little time Violet had been gone her little Libby had changed so much. Her long red hair was following her as she ran out of the forest with bloody murder written across her forehead as she neared the new group of mutants. But she froze as she saw a smirking Violet.

"This is why you should never leave me alone, my dear Violet"; she smirked with a glint in her blue and grey eyes.
"Are you going to introduce yourself you little shit?" I smiled at seeing my adopted little sister again.
"I wont have to after I read this to everyone", she smiled pulling out one of my journals from behind her still drying back for everyone else to see
"This should be good", Alex whispered to Sean
"Liberty Ann Woods! You wouldn't dare", I yelled over to her

She started flipping the pages to try and find something that you embarrass me, and obviously she found it because her eyes started to sparkle once again and her smirk became even bigger than what her little face could handle. Before she got a chance to read anything from the journal, I made a mad dash over to her and tipped her off her balance and ran for it inside the house.

After she regained her balance she got up and continued chasing me into the house and at one point she almost got me when we were in the kitchen but I was quickly able to dodge her. When Raven was at the point in the tour that she was showing everybody into the kitchen, they all almost doubled over in laughter at the sight of the two girls. Sure Libby and i were still fighting, but during out little fighting lesson I was giving her lessons on how to better protect herself, what I didn't expect her to do though was to grab one of the biggest frying pans in the kitchen and hit me over the head with it. (Major face palm) The audience couldn't handle it anymore and they all broke down until they were all doubled over and clutching their stomachs in laughter.

“OK enough you two” says Charles quickly when he regained some of his breath back
I turned to look at Libby, and the look in her eyes showed me that she was so scared to death of what I was going to do to her that she almost cried when I just looked at her and smiled. "Next time", I said, "Don't use your own diary against me, I might just be tempted to use it against you, and good hit that really fucking hurt". I said while rubbing my jaw
"Sorry Vi, goodnight everyone, it was nice meeting all of you", she said going up the stairs to lay down
"Why is she going to bed so early?", asked Sean
"Its because of her power, if she sleeps during the night she will teleport into someone's past or future if she's holding onto something that belongs to someone. But if she sleeps during the day then she will be able to get some sleep before her power kicks in and she won't be so tired the next time that she goes to travel." I reply
"Interesting," mumbled Hank
"So who wants to finish the tour?", asks Raven clapping her hands together

After the tour was finished and everybody got settled into their rooms, I decided to go in and check on Libby. When I got there though she was gone, so I went into Charles room to see if he could communicate with her but unfortunately he couldn't reach her. Which could only mean one thing, her power is getting stronger and has kicked in much faster that what it is supposed to. So we got everyone together and screamed her name all over the house to attempt to find her whenever it was that she came back to this time frame. All of a sudden I hear a quick popping noise and a screaming coming from the back yard.

“Violet, quick!” screamed Libby at the top of her lungs
“Libby what is it?” I asked slamming the back door open and running at full speed towards my sisters side
As soon as I reached her she put her palm on my cheek to show me what she had seen when she traveled.

We were back in time to when I was in the 10th grade in high school, I was walking towards the school with my two best friends at the time just gossiping about the latest and greatest until we reached the front of the school where we saw a group of bullies picking on Alex. I tried to go over to help him but my one friend grabbed a hold of me before I would go.
"Why do you always insist on helping him?" she asked
"Yea VI, let him fight his own battles for once."
So I watched sadly as my old best friend got beat on by these stupid bullies, I knew that i had to do something fast before Alex used his power because he was already starting to lose control over his emotions. When I looked over at him again I saw that he was starting to charge up his power, so I got out of my friends grip and ran over to Alex as fast as I could. When I reached him I pushed him back so that he had to focus on just me and no one else.
"Violet! What the hell are you doing?" he screeched
"Alex please! You need to calm down before you kill me" I said pleading with him
Right after I said that he calmed down a little realizing what he was about to do, but he soon grew saw at the fact that his power was going to go weather he wanted it to or not. He looked like he was about to cry when he looked at me and said, I cant hold it in anymore, and the power came flying out. Before it ended up destroying me I commanded the water from the fountain at the front of the school to surround Alex and I to contain his power. When it did that I directed both the water and the fire to the shed at the back of the school that has been abandoned forever, and when it reached there the mix of fire, water, and wood all crushed one another and exploded.

I opened my eyes again to a scared looking Libby and pulled her into my arms telling her over and over again that it would be alright. Before everyone came over to surround us I whispered into her hair and asked, "What were you holding onto, and who did it belong to?"

"I was taking it back to Alex's room because he dropped it, but instead it took me back into his memories, im so sorry Violet, she cried into my shoulder, I was just so scared I didn't no what to do."
"Its ok, its alright, when I tell you to go upstairs and get washed up I want you to sneak into his room and put the item back on Alex's bed alright?" I whispered hurriedly
"What happened is everything all right?" asked Charles as him and everyone else finally reached us
"She just saw something from my past and it scared her, I mumbled "Libs go get washed up and we will have some dinner alright?" I asked
"yea, sure" she mumbled slowly making her way towards the house

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