Life is a Dream not a Destination

x-men first class story for Havok/ Alex Summers


3. Back to the Past

~~ Half way through the night I was finding it hard to get any sleep as I was restlessly flipping and flopping around all over my bed, and after I finally fell off my bed in an attempt to uncover myself from my sheets I quietly made my way down stairs and into the kitchen, heading to the closest fridge that I knew held my secret stash of ice-cream. I guess that I was too caught up in my own thoughts that I hadn't even heard the other chair that had scraped noisily across the ground while being roughly pulled out.
"Are you going to tell me what it was that Libby saw?" Alex asked making me jump out of my seat at the sound of his voice
 He kept staring at me while I was contemplation on telling him. My silence must have been answer enough because he sighed impatiently and I could tell by looking at him through my eyes that he was about to force it out of me, but he didn't have to because I got scared and told him everything.
"She didn't mean to go into your past, but whatever it was that you had dropped on the stairs Libby went to return it you but her power kicked in before she got the chance, please don't be mad at her." I said
"That's fine," he whispered, "there's just some things in my past that I no would scare her more than that did and I don't want her being scared of me because she saw them. Besides that's one of the lesser memories that I don't really care about to much." He finished shrugging his shoulders and putting his cup in the sink.
"You guys will have to have a little bit of patience with her. She is only use to it just being me and her," I said quickly
 Alex only replied with a muffled grunt, getting up from the table I put my spoon in the sink and the small container of ice cream back into the freezer before heading back up the staircase to go back to bed. "Goodnight Alex," I whispered turning to go up the stairs.
"Goodnight Violet," he said back
 In the morning when I fully woke back up I scrambled to put an outfit together quickly before sprinting down the stairs and into the kitchen to start cooking up the biggest storm that I was able to manage.
"Morning Hank" I rushed
"Where's the fire?" he said jokingly
"She's not up yet" I said opening the cupboard closest to me and bringing out all of the contents of the cupboard.
"Oh?" he asked
"Whenever Libby has two visions within a 24 hour period it usually never turns out to good for her so I try to make her as comfortable as I can as long as I can. It ends up draining so much of her energy that when she eats and drinks she usually ends up eating all of the food in the house." I said explaining the current situation
"Would you like any help?" he asks getting out of his seat and putting his dishes into the sink and coming over towards me and the dishes
"That would be great thanks" I say turning to face him and flashing him a quick smile before turning around again.
 After three hours of cooking Hank and I had practically had a feast fit for a king all crammed together on one medium sized table. On the menu was bacon and eggs with cut tomatoes and lettuce and English muffins so that they could make breakfast sandwiches, pancakes with blueberries and black berries, wild berries, strawberries, and also with chocolate chips in them. Toast with different kinds of jams and others that you can put on, milk, chocolate milk, water, a variety of fruit, fruit juice, apple juice, orange juice, coffee, tea, cheese and crackers, ham and cheese omelets, and finally western sandwiches.
 Everyone came down whenever it was that they woke up and when they came into the kitchen they all stopped at the door way and gawked at all of the different foods, and how much of it that there was. Libby came downstairs last because of being so tired because of her gift but when she saw all of the food that was laid out for everyone she looked towards me with tear filled eyes and ran straight into my legs.
 I bent down so that I was eye to eye with her and she wrapped her arms around my neck as tight as her little arms could go around my neck and continued to cry her eyes out.
"Im not sure about what I did, but I don't think that it was ever good enough to deserve to have you in my life as an older sister," Libby said hiccupping her words.
"You showed up at the door, in the middle of the night sobbing for help, that's what you did!" I whispered into her ear so that only she could hear what it was that I was saying to her." Now go eat up before Alex beats you to it!" I said smiling
 He just looks up and has a small smile on his face making all of the half eaten food fall out of his mouth and onto his plate. We all started laughing at his goofiness as he quickly realized what had happened and started spooning everything angrily back into his mouth while turning  a bright cherry red.
 During the first meal of the day everyone was mainly silent because of everyone continuing to constantly fill their mouths with food to give them the energy that they will need for the up and coming day. Libby and I ended up sharing a look with one another with her wanting me to say something.
"Look everyone, because of Libby's power it would be greatly appreciated by both Libby and myself if you kept all of your personal belongings in your rooms and out of reach so that Libby wont be able to accidently touch them if they fall down. Because of her power she can get unpredictable at times of when she does go into people's pasts and futures, if she holds onto something that belongs to someone and has a special meaning to them even if they don't realize this themselves." I said
"So long story short, if there's something that you don't want me to see in your past then don't let me touch anything that belongs to you and have some patience with me," sighs Libby irritably
"Violet, since you and Libby are already so close I think that I am going to just let you continue on with her training" smiles Charles
"Do you think im ready for that though?" I whispered
"You are already doing fairly well with her from what I can see in her head" he says continuing with that knowing smirk that he is famous for
 I was still a little leery about the whole being on my own to train Libby thing, but if he's trusting me enough to continue on the tactics that I have already started on then I must be doing something right and he must believe in me enough to do it. To add to that bit of confidence boosting Sean grabbed my hand under the table and gave it a gentle squeeze. I just looked over at him and gave him a small squeeze back by out intertwined fingers and tried for a sad attempt for a smile.
 For the rest of the day Charles had all of us on our own in different places around the mansion. He was currently working with Alex down in the bunkers while Sean and I were in the gym working out. Hank, Raven, and Erik were doing some running outside around the perimeter of the house and Libby was catching up on some more sleep. When lunch finally rolled around Libby had gotten up to help me get it ready.
 The menu for lunch was just some simple foods like sandwiches and fruit and vegetables, for drinks we had created our special protein shakes, some water and juice from the pitchers in the fridge. Libby decided to treat everybody with making some brownies for us to have for dessert.
 Everyone ate in silence again because we were all so tired, even though it was just the beginning of the day because none of us were use to doing so much work, but unfortunately we all knew that it was necessary if we were going to get ourselves into shape so that we could avenge Darwin. This is what happened for the rest of the day, and when we were all finally done Erik decided to give us the night off which was nice of him. After everyone finished having showers and getting changed into comfier clothes we all went into the living room and just relaxed, enjoying each others company.
 When it was time, Libby and I went out to the back yard for her training and we sat on the grass where I instructed her to start with simple breathing techniques.
"Im going to show you a picture and when I do I want you to focus on everything in the picture ok? And I mean even the small things."
 I lifted up the picture and it was a picture of Alex and I when we were in his room one night. We were both lying on his bed side by side and we were sleeping, my head was on his broad shoulder with out intertwined fingers just beside my head. My left leg was lazily lying on his legs, and finally he had his head tilted towards mine with his muscular arms were wrapped protectively over mine.
 Knowing that Libby was going to ask me about it I decided to keep her mind on our lesson. "Libby concentrate! I want you to focus on the sheets. Imagine that you can feel the softness between your fingers." Looking at Libby she had her eyes closed and her eyebrows were crinkled in concentration, it must have gotten a little easier when I mentioned the bed sheets because after a minute her features started to soften to where she was in a relaxed position and she was actually mimicking feeling the bed sheets between her finger tips, so I decided to move on.
"Alright good, now I want you to imagine how I was feeling laying against him, how his fingers felt against mine." She was doing even better then I could have hoped for because right behind her I could actually see the image of a bed with plain white sheets appear, and two bodies were starting to form on it too. Before anyone could get a chance to see who it was that was going to appear on the bed I broke her out of her concentration and gave her the actual picture.
Libby and I were standing at a door looking into the bedroom of a room that belonged to a teenage boy.  Alex and I were sitting on the bed both of us currently working on some home work when Alex suddenly looked over towards me. He swung his arm infront of me purposely knocking all of our books onto the floor infront of us, with a sigh of frustration I looked up at him and was about to say something when he got that smirk on his face that meant that he was up to no good. He tackled me into the bed sheets and started tickling me.
Alex! I screeched, Let me go!! I said in between giggles
"Never!" he shouted in triumph
He continued tickling me for what felt like forever. I was finally able to take his hands into mine and flip us over so that I was on top of his and straddling his waist to keep him pinned on the bed.
"Ha" I smiled "I gotcha this time"
"I told you you're never gonna hold me down," he said smirking. He leaned up towards me, my heart started pounding so hard in my chest that I thought that it was going to pop out, and I faltered my grip on his hands. Big mistake. He took advantage of this and gripped onto my waist tightly and flipped us around again so that he was back on top of me. My head hit his bed with a small thump which he must have heard, because he got up and went to that farthest part of the bed away from me and put his head in his hands in shame of what he did.
"Im so sorry, I didn't mean to be so rough." he whispered sadly
I sat up so that I could look at him in the eye and I wanted him to do the same thing so I told him that." Alex look at me," I sighed, "Alex"
I had to physically move myself so that I was sitting infront of him and gently put my hands on his giant ones and almost laughed at the difference between the sizes of our fingers, and put my face on the top of his head and kissed it gently.
Alex please look at me, I whispered against his scalp, and gently caressed his fingers with mine. He looked up at me and the poor boy looked like he was going to cry, so i sighed once again, sit up. I commanded
He did reluctantly and when he did I grabbed onto his shoulders and sat on his lap straddling him again, he wrapped me in his arms tightly to make sure that I wasn't going to fall off of him. I just sat there on his lap and when I knew that he was done fiddling around I wrapped an arm around his neck and draped it over his shoulder with my left hand just sitting on his chest comfortably. I put my forehead pressed into  his and we just sat there silently with me just brushing his hair back from his beautiful face with my free hand, after my work is done I just rest it against his cheek and stroked the right side of his face to calm him down even more.
"There is nothing that you can do that will scare me, or make me run away from you Alex, I have always been there for you and I always will be ok?" I said gently "I love you Alex Summers!" I whispered lightly kissing his cheek and hugging him closer to me.
I got up to go to the washroom and when I got back Alex was laying down on his bed and looking up at the ceiling but turned his attention back to me when I came back in the room.  "Did you mean that Violet, when you told me you loved me? He asked
"Well," I said walking over and crawling into bed beside him, "do you want me to mean it?" I asked tracing circles on his chest nervously waiting for his answer. My fingers were suddenly stopped by a giant palm holding onto them tightly, and when I looked up at my best friend he was leaning closer to me.
"Yes," he whispered his breath covering my lips in a salty embrace
"Then why did you have to ask?" I whispered leaning in the rest of the way and pushing him back down onto the bed and continued to kiss him lovingly. We just layed there in each others embrace and after some more talking and kissing we eventually fell asleep knowing that we would always be there for one another not only as friend, but as lovers and family as well.
 When I opened my eyes I looked over at Libby and she was in tears again, so I stood up and picked her up and walked her into the house with everyone staring at us as I was making my way upstairs with a wailing Libby in my arms.

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