Pregnant By A Cheater(Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Bella Has Been Cheated On, And It's Harry's Baby. But Harry Told The Others That Bella Cheated And Left Him.


1. Left Alone

*FlashBack* I Got In My Car And Drove Off To Me And Harry's Place. Once I Got There I Turned Open The Door And Screamed At The Sight I saw Before Me Harry Kissing My Bestfriend Casey And Her Struggling To Get Away From Him. "Oh My God Harry How Could You?! I Screamed At Him. He Got Up And Said "That Casey Made Him Do It. " That's Not True! He Was Going To Rape Me! Casey Screamed Frightened "Casey Come Get In The Car And Let Me Speal My Mind To Him I Said Meanly She Stayed Still "NOW I Screamed " Harry I Have Something To Tell You. i Said To Him " I Have Something To Tell You Bella He Took A Deep Breath And Said " I Don't Love You You Cow Whore And Slut He Said Truthfully And Meanly "How Could You Say That Harry? i Thought You Loved Me? i Said Sobbing " That's It Harry Get Out Of My House! I Yelled He Walked To The Door And Said "Were Over. then Left While I Left To Drop Casey Home.
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