Believing In Love..?

Believe In Love..? With This Bieber Kid..? &&' I Only Known Him For Like 3 Weeks ..


3. the Next Day .

Caution .

This chapter has self harm in it . May have a little violence .

Note : Self Harming Is Serious &&' Should Not Be Played With

~ Jessie's Pov ~

I woke up &&' I saw the sunshine . But I wasn't happy . I felt like there was something missing inside of me . But I didn't know what . Actually I couldn't even think . All I had in my mind was Justin the Cute neighbor. But what am I talking about I'm ugly no one will ever like Me not even that Bieber kid . I stopped talking to myself &&' went to brush my teeth . I changed then I went down stairs .

Mom : Good Morning Sun Shine . You Seem A Little Gloomy Today . What's Wrong..?

Jessie : i Dont Know Mom I Just Feel Sad .

Mom : Oh . I Understand But Tomorrow You Have To Go To School .

Jessie : What ...?! I Don't Want To go To School ! What If No One Likes Me ..?!

Mom : I Think You'll Be Fine . It's Just A Week What Can Go Wrong .?

Jessie : mom A LOT of things can go wrong !

Mom : your just exaggerating . Well I Have To go me &&' Pattie are going to the mall to buy clothes . I left you breakfast on the counter if you want .

Jessie : okay Mom . I Love You Bye .

Mom : bye . I love you to sweetie .

~ Jessie's Pov ~

I'm all alone now . &&' I have to go to school tomorrow too ! What Am I going to do.?


Jessie : I Wonder Who it Might Be ..? - Opens Door - There was a Tall skinny girl with a beautiful face . She seemed mad but I wasn't Reaally sure .

The Girl : Can You Leave My Justin Alone..?! Your Such A Whore ! He's Never Gonna Like You So Leave Him Alone . Then She Turned Around &&' Walked Away .

I closed the door &&' Fell to the ground started to cry . I Knew She Was Right . I Hadn't Even Had My First " Real " Boyfriend &&' I'm 18 . She Was Way More Prettier Than Me . I Couldn't Say Anything Agaisnt Her . All I Did Was Cry For An Hour Or So . Soon I Got Tired Of Crying That I Got Up &&' Went To The Bathroom . I Got The Blade . The Sad Thing was That I Was Finally Clean For 7 Months . But Now Im Not . I Took The Blade &&' Carved Seven Lines On My Arm For Every Month . I Let The Blood Flow Out . Then I Got Up &&' Started Cleaning . I Just Went To My Room And Sat There Staring At The Purple Wall . Soon I Heard Pebbles Hit The Window . I Looked Outside To See Justin Standed There Waving . I Just Felt Sad . I Felt That He Was Just Playing With My Heart . He Suddenly Pointed To The Door . So I Headed There &&' Unlocked The Door Slowly .. He Had A Big Smile And Hugged Me Tight . I Didn't Hug Me Back .

Justin : Where You Crying..?

Jessie : you Looked Away . No I Wasn't Crying .

Justin : Dont Lie To Me . Where You Crying..?!

Jessie : Yes . You Put Your Head Down . &&' Why Do You Care..?

OMG Will Justin Tell Jessie That He loves Her..? Or Will He Lie..? ;o

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