As Long As You Love Me

Justin Bieber, the schools bad boy and Stratfords hottie. Kylie Adams, one of the schools average girl, Stratfords nobody. So what happens when they fall in love?


1. School, Ugh


    Kylie's Pov: It was Sunday night, and I was on my phone. Ugh I have school tomorrow, I decided to log off of my Instagram and get my outfit. Yah I choose my outfits the night before, I don't want to be late to school. Well I don't even know why I care, the only thing I look forward to is hanging out with my friends at lunch and well eating lunch. I opened my closet and chose out some camouflage tights, a black slightly oversized hoodie, and some black boots. It's late fall in Stratford so it's chilly outside, as usual. I laid my clothes over my bed and grabbed my hair brush. Oh great, I'm noticing split ends. I began brushing my long, wavy, dark brown hair until it was knot-free. Glancing at the clock, I noticed how late it was. The clock read '12:15am', man I need to get to bed. Grabbing my blanket, I hopped in bed and began to fall asleep.

The next morning-

I woke up at the usual time, 6:00am. Forcing myself out of my warm bed, I groaned, and tried opening my eyes. I walked like a zombie to my bathroom, grabbing my face wash and I turned on the sink. The cold water sent chills down my body when it hit my face, I finished up washing my face, then brushed my teeth. I finished my normal morning routine, and put my clothes on. I looked in the mirror. Eh, I look presentable. Pressing the lock screen of my IPhone I saw the time, gosh I have to go!

"Mom! Lets go!" I yelled from my bedroom.

I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread, I spread some peanut butter on it, and stuffed it in my mouth, grabbing a napkin.

"C'mon Mom let's-"

"I heard you the first time!" She said In a cranky morning voice.

We walked to the car and she began to turn on the engine as we got in. It didn't work, so she tried again. This  time the car made a terrible screeching sound.

" Oh great the car isn't working again is it?" This isn't the first time it's happened, I thought to myself.

"Sorry dear, I can't control it." She quietly said

" Well maybe if we fixed this damn piece of crap it would work once in a while!" I screamed out of frustration.

"Kylie! Don't raise your voice! You know we don't have the money right now!" She exclaimed at me.

I just let out a deep sigh and got out of the car. I knew what I had to do, I made my way to my bicycle and strapped on my helmet.

"Kylie, sorry honey. Just have a good day."

And with that I left peddling as fast as I could, because I was late. After about 10 minutes I got to school. Wow I'm shocked I rode my bike that fast. The gates were closed obviously, so I went to the office.

"Tardy?" The secretary said.

It's obvious I'm late, but I simply replied


Before she could tell me I made my way to the line for a tardy slip. Damn it's a long line, with the same people I always see when I'm tardy. I heard a lot of giggling, and saw two cheerleaders. Ugh they irritate me, always acting so flirtatiously and slutty. Behind them I saw Justin Bieber, of course. He was sweet talking those cheerleaders. I drifted off trying not to pay attention. I guess I drifted off so much because as I looked around I saw the cheerleaders gone, and Justin's eyes on me. I didn't really know what to do, because I admit he's pretty hot, and never acknowledges me unless its  to borrow a pencil, or ask for answers.

"Can I help you?" I said after a while.

"Kylie right?" He said, with his eyes glued to mine, intimidating me.

"Umm yah." Why would he ask that we've gone to the same school since like elementary school.

"Your in my Geometry class right?"
He smiled at me

"Yeah, and like three more classes."
I replied rolling my eyes.

"Oh really? Why'd you roll your eyes, are you a feisty girl?"

"Not in the mood Bieber." Once again I rolled my eyes.

"Oh so your upset? Pretty girls like you shouldn't be upset they should be happy." He smirked at me.

"Aww is that why you went through all that trouble of talking to me? Just to say I'm pretty." I said sarcastically making him blush.

"Umm... So why are you late? Aren't you  a good girl?" He replied, completely ignoring what I said.

"Well no, I just actually pay attention in school, unlike you." I said smiling.

"Woah so your a bad girl?"
He chuckled.

"No, I'm just a girl who came late to school because my moms piece of shit car." After saying that I grabbed my tardy pass and left.

"Well bye Kylie!" He said as I left.

Wow, that was awkward. I've never really had conversations with him, usually I was too shy. He's hot, but he can be irritating. I felt myself begin to blush, I don't even know why. Well I guess I'll just ignore it and get to class, I'm already late. As I walked in the class, I tried getting to my desk without my teacher noticing I'm late.

I quietly sat down in my seat, and I looked around where I saw everyone staring, unfortunately for me Ms. Gonzalez was staring too.

"Your late." She growled at me.

"Yah I was just umm,setting my stuff down, here's my tardy pass."

Gosh that didn't go as I planned, everyone was still looking.

3 hours later-

The bell rang, lunch was finally here. I'm starving and I hate my history class. I waited for my friends Jenny and Emily.

"Hi Kylie." Jenny said as she tapped my shoulder.

"Hey Jenny."

I looked at Emily who was standing next to Jenny. She looked upset, and wasn't talking.

"Are you okay Emily?" I asked.

"I have cramps, oww my stomach hurts." She said looking in pain.

"That sucks." Jenny softly said.

We made our way to the lunch line, as usual. I guess we got here fast because we were some of the first people here. I grabbed a tray, it had pizza, salad, and fruit on it. I grabbed a bottle of water and payed the lunch lady. We walked to the table we usually sit at and we began eating. I saw Justin across the way, surrounded by girls. Man he looked really hot today.

"Damn he's so cute." I said out loud, causing my friends to stare at me.

"Haha who is Kylie?" Jenny laughed, Emily laughing with her.

"What? Oh no one." I replied quickly.

"C'mon just tell us." Emily said with a smile on her face.

"Okay, okay. Well this morning I kinda sorta talked with Justin, and I realized how hot he really was. I mean I knew he was hot, but I don't know he talked to me and instantly made me have a crush on him." I think I might have said too much, oops.

"Justin as in Justin Bieber?" Jenny said, looking concerned.

"Yeah.." I answered noticing her facial expression change completely to a frown.

"Oh no." Emily added.

"What? Is there something I don't know?" I looked at them so confused.

"Ya he's a bad boy, you can't have him!" Jenny practically shouted, with an angry voice.

"Woah there, calm down girl." I said.

"Ya Jenny, just because your hooking up with him doesn't mean she can't." Emily said quietly, quickly realizing what she had done and covered her mouth.

"What?" I questioned with a concerned look.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Jenny said.

"Listen if your hooking up with Justin I don't really care, but you can't keep him from talking to other girls like me. Besides, he's already talking to like 9 others besides you!" I didn't really mean to say that but she upset me.

"No he's not! Maybe he might've talked to you, but that doesn't mean he likes you!" She spat back.

"I never said he did Jenny" I replied.

"Well I know he's not talking to others, he really likes me okay?"
Jenny said.

"How do you know he does?" Emily asked.

"Because, we had-" Jenny said, but stopped.

"Had..." Emily said.

This should be interesting.

"Well actually I'll tell you, Justin Bieber and I had sex." Jenny said, with a smirk across her face staring at me.

"Is this supposed to make me feel jealous? Because Jenny I'm not in love with that Bieber kid. And If you are, I feel sorry for you, because your gonna get your heart broken. He's slept around with almost everyone here!" I said in an angry tone of voice, Jenny is being such a bitch.

"Haha! Whatever Kylie, I just think your a little jealous, sad, Virgin!" Jenny shouted.

It seemed almost everyone heard that, because faces were looking at me during lunch to see my reaction.

"Wow Jenny, that was low. Your so thirsty that you turn on your best friend for some boy. Have fun on your own bitch." I turned on my heels and smirked, because everyone saw that Jenny got burned. As I walked away angrily I bumped into someone, it had to be Justin, wow.

"Hey slow down!" He said not noticing it was me, then he looked at me and smiled. "Oh sorry I just-"

"It's okay" I said, interrupting him.

"So what's the matter with you?" He said.

"What do you mean? I'm fine!" I loudly said.

"Aww c'mon it's obvious something's wrong with you" he said squeezing my hand, and we began to walk away from the lunch tables.

"Well it's girl drama." I sighed.

"Oh, your period! I knew it!" He said so sure that was it.

"Umm no" I giggled. "It's just my best friends turned on me for some guy."
I added.

"Wow that's pretty bitchy, what guy?" He questioned.

"Actually you." He raised his eyebrows, aww how cute.

"Wait what do you mean me? " he asked me full of concern.

"Bieber don't play around you know you play with girls daily. This time it happened to be Jenny. She was a nice girl, what did you do to her?" He thought for a moment then had a dirty smirk across his face.

"It was just some playful sex, nothing more." He chuckled.

"No Justin, for Jenny and I'm sure many other girls, losing their virginity or just sex usually means they think they are in love and want a serious relationship, and Jenny thinks I got in the way of something serious just by talking to you." I said.

"Wow, well I don't want anything serious, I don't do serious relationships. Just sex, no commitment needed, I have my needs." He smirked after speaking.

"Bieber your really something, bye." I said walking away.

"No!" He yelled then blushed.
"Don't leave now, you have no where to go anyways your friends are fake."

 I thought about his statement, that was true, but he is a pervert, but again he's hot. Damn what am I doing.

"You have a point, I guess I'll stay." I replied.

I thought about what just happened, I think I lost my best friend since elementary school, and my close friend too. I have other friends but no one compared to them. What will I do? I'm all alone. I began to cry turning away from Justin and I walked away.

"Hey where ya going?" He said

Justin came to me and grabbed my wrist he smiled and then his facial expression completely changed when he saw my eyes.

"Kylie, what happened?" He asked looking concerned.

"I just lost my damn friends Justin! Don't you fucking see! I'm alone and no one cares!" I yelled with tears streaming down my face harder.

"I care." Justin softly said.

"Ya since when Bieber? You just care about getting in girls pants and being popular. Why are you even here talking to me? You have hundreds I friends so leave!" I yelled.

"Hey, hey calm down. I get tired of the same jerks all the time, I was just getting to know you okay? Maybe I just wanted to meet someone and get your number to find out who you are, you seem interesting that's why." Justin said.

"Well you want my number? Here." I replied as I tore out a piece of paper from my notebook that I just now wrote my number on, handing it to Justin.

"See Kylie it's not that hard." He said cupping my face wiping my tears away with his thumb.

"Thank you." I whispered, as I set my head on his shoulder pulling him into a hug.

"N-no problem." Justin said.

I felt comfort, when I least expected it. This was all so strange, my friends betraying me and Justin Bieber caring about me, a nobody...

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