Matthew Davis is a regular boy, on the outside. On the inside, he is completely insane, driven by insanity, like a mad hatter on crack. Pushed away by his family, how will he cope with his new found friends and the demon that controls the asylum?


2. Trapped

I finally wake up in a strange place. A plain grey room covered with black sharpie and the words death, kill, numbered, fuck, and plenty other shameful words in our human vocabulary. I lift myself up to a sitting position and my vision shudders. I put my palm to my forehead and I hear the jingle of keys.

"He's awake," Announces a bold male voice.

A woman in a white nurses outfit struts in carrying a glass of water and her hand is cupping something. I arch my eyebrows in confusion and gap my mouth open, not being able to find any words.

"Matthew, good you're awake. You've been out for a day or so. Take this or I liquefy this and syringe it into you," Threatens the woman.

My eyes cry out, no. I can't take anymore syringes. I take the glass of water from her hand and hold out my hand as she drops a few colored pills into my palm. I take them cautiously and gulp down the glass of water. I shove the glass back at the woman and she turns cross.

"Well, when you're ready, come on out into the lounge," She tells me with a weak smile.

As she exits my room, I spot a change of clothes on a little blue chair on the other side of the room. I get up, and change into them. Surprisingly they are comfortable and I fit into them, then I recognize them as my own from my old home.

There are bars on the lone window and a dark raincloud surrounds the building. My small bed with no box-spring, a thin, white, stain-filled mattress and a thin black blanket that could never keep me warm. A small sink on the opposite side of the room with a broken mirror hanging above it on a crooked nail.

I begin to move out of my room, opening the industrial steel frame door, and hearing it bang back into place.

Walking down the hallway, I begin to hear voices. This time it isn't, him. They are regular voices. Human. I slow my pace and peek around the corner and what I find is what I've never seen in ages. People, other than nurses and family. There are no nurses in the room except for one, old, crinkled woman with a smug face and vultures eyes.

"Boo!" A face appears in front of me, sending me stumbling back and landing on my ass. The young girl cackles with satisfied laughter. My eyes bulge as if I am asking, 'Why would you do that to me?'

I carefully get back up, awaiting the girl to scare me once again.

"Hi, I am MaryAnn!" She greets me, extending her hand. "Shut up Gwen!"

"I never said nothing!" Yells the girl that must be Gwen.

"Oh, but you thought it. Leave the poor boy alone!" She mocks.

Gwen makes a cross face. "Well, welcome to prison. You'll be trapped here...for years."

I wince at that word. Years.

"Let me introduce you to everyone here," Begins Gwen.

She shows me to all the other girls. The small fair-haired one in the corner, sucking her thumb and holding a stuffed bunny close to her chest is Amelia. She is dressed like one of those fancy porcelain dolls, an Alice in Wonderland version. The tall, blank faced girl sitting next to the nurse behind the counter is Jenny. Her blond hair matches beautifully with her silver necklace. Finally, Gwen shows me the last person here. A boy. His name is Alexander and he has always felt lonely, being the only male. I guess being surrounded by mental girls aren't such a good thing.

"Alexis should be around soon, Matthew. She's a tough cookie," Gwen says with a smile.

"Maybe I'll be here sooner than you think, Gwendolyn," Says the dark voice down the hall. I hear the steady footsteps and finally, Alexis is out in the open. I am speechless at the sight of her. Dark brown, almost black, eyes. Long, wavy, brown hair and scratches all over her arms. Cuts. Scars.

"So, you're the new boy, Matthew. I'm Alexis." She doesn't bother making a gesture toward me.

I can't seem to take my eyes off Alexis. Maybe it won't be such a trap after all.

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