Matthew Davis is a regular boy, on the outside. On the inside, he is completely insane, driven by insanity, like a mad hatter on crack. Pushed away by his family, how will he cope with his new found friends and the demon that controls the asylum?


9. Time for a little fun

I make sure there is nothing to catch me sneaking out, there are no security cameras in our end because they all think we're safe under lock and key, but after tonight, I think they might have them installed.
When the coast is clear, I slip out of my room and go room to room to retrieve the girls. I didn't want to take MaryAnn with us, because our plan would be foiled right away. Hopefully we can get past MaryAnn without her seeing us from the bedroom.

"Stop!" Shit... "Where're you going, dweebs?"

"Going to do big kid stuff, now shut the fuck up or we'll all get in major trouble," Alexis hisses at the little girl.

"Can I come?"




"Pretty please with pretty pink sprinkles and cherries on top?" MaryAnn pleads.

"How about, I give you the cookie we get at dinner everyday for the next three weeks?"

"Just you, no way! A cookie from each of you for the next month!"

"MaryAnn, why are you so greedy?" Gwen scolds dryly.

"Well, I'm waiting. If I don't get that deal, your secret goes straight to Linda and you all get the strap!"

"We don't have straps you mental case," Alexis spits.

Amelia is curled up close to me, holding my hand and holding the pocket of my jeans. The sweet little porcelain girl that doesn't talk, poor thing.

"I am a mental case, Alex," MaryAnn laughs wickedly. "So, we have a deal?"

"Fine. Just leave Amelia's rainbow chip cookies alone," Alexis warns, "and don't ever call me Alex again or I will chop your dick of and make soup."

"I don't have a dick, Alex," MaryAnn says tauntingly.

"I'll scare you into having one," Alexis challenges. With that, we're on our way to the basement, finding ways so that we're not easily spotted by the cameras or any other people if they happen to be walking about the asylum.
We make our way through the main hallway and I notice that the little red light on the security camera wasn't there, which means, the cameras were turned off. Why would they be turned off? I stop the gang and we all look over our shoulders.

"Do you know what you're doing, Davis?"

"Yeah, I know what I'm at, just keep a good watch around."

"Who're you talking to? Amelia?"

The young porcelain doll shakes her head and slowly, turtle slow, points to the ceiling at the end of the hallway and what seems to be through the door frame to the next room. I see a messy mop of dark hair, greyish colored skin, and the demonic glowing red eyes...

"Gotcha," I murmur under my breath.

The scream of the banshee pierces through me like a thousand knives, nails on a chalk board, the high pitched screams of little girls. I look to my side and Amelia's lips are pressed into a hard line.
I make a mad dash to the ghost, remembering one thing, what if we don't have a window near, and we cant get rid of her like that, and she kills us? We have no weapons either!


My feet wont stop me from rushing toward Alison and soon enough I'm right underneath her, staring her in the face and she is looking into my eyes like they belong to something worthless, something lifeless; which I bet I will be in a matter of seconds.

The demonic ghost bashed me into the floor, a giant hole materialises beneath me as I slip between the cracks. My arms scramble over the linoleum floor trying to find something to grab onto so I can crawl back up. Alexis and Gwen rush over to me, grabbing each of my arms and pulling me into safety.

"Matthew, run!" Screams an unfamiliar voice.

"No way," Alexis stares in awe.

The little porcelain girl stands in the midst of us and the ghost, looking into the dead eyes with all her might not to look away. What is she doing, having a stare-down with the ghost?

"Amelia, you're crazy!" I scream at the doll.


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