Matthew Davis is a regular boy, on the outside. On the inside, he is completely insane, driven by insanity, like a mad hatter on crack. Pushed away by his family, how will he cope with his new found friends and the demon that controls the asylum?


13. Let's go party with The Devil

It's time for a little fun around here. I have to get rid of those things, and finish this thing once and for all. He took Alexis, so I take Alison and himself. This is going to be a hell of a battle, but first I have to talk Amelia and Gwen into ruining them.

*  *  *

"Will you help us," I ask the little porcelain doll.

"Well, I don't know. I was surprised at myself the last time. I didn't know that I could do that!" She's definitely freaked out and is seemingly uncomfortable with the situation she was in.

"Please, Amelia, I need you during this. For everybody, please," I plead.

She looks cautiously around her shoulders, blinking rapidly and finally answers me, "fine. I'm not going to like it though."

I sigh in relief.

"Thank you, I'll find you tonight and we'll beat their sorry asses out of this fucking asylum." A brave smile escaped onto her face.

                                                                                  *  *  *

I met MaryAnn in the lounge, she was buttoning up her sweater over her tank top. Her legs were sprawled out in front of her in comfortable looking baggy pants and her feet were bare with fine red lines crisscrossing in all directions. Veins of light blue and green protruded from her ankles and temples as she concentrated on the television screen. A not-so-interesting drama was playing and the volume was so low you'd have to be a dog to hear the audio.

"Hey, MaryAnn?" I said. "Can I ask you something?"

"You just did, little bitch face." She snarled. It's never come up before but obviously MaryAnn is bipolar and has other mental deficiency problems nobody knows how to pronounce the names of.

"No, I mean about tonight. We have some serious risks that have to be dealt with. We're being confined for no reason." Well, some of us without reason. "Haven't you ever thought what life would be like without these demons possessing our every movement and invading every corner of our minds?"

She sat still, her eyes still fixating on the screen. "I have, I must admit."

"Do you have any questions about tonight?"

"No. Let's just go kill the mother fucking-" she stopped quickly. "Let's go party with the devil."

I smiled. "Let's go."


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