Matthew Davis is a regular boy, on the outside. On the inside, he is completely insane, driven by insanity, like a mad hatter on crack. Pushed away by his family, how will he cope with his new found friends and the demon that controls the asylum?


7. Cat got your tongue?

I pace about my bedroom until a nurse comes in with some pills. I take them without the need of her threat about another syringe. After taking them, within a time lapse of five minutes I'm out cold, like a light.

                                                                         *  *  *

When I wake up it's ten AM. The pills that nurse is giving me must be sleeping pills or something, each day I wake up feeling refreshed. Good enough to face the day. She comes back with a different assortment when Monte calls to her making sure I'm up. These ones are blue and white as where the others are yellow and grey. When she evacuates the room, seeing she doesn't have to stay with me anymore to make sure I take the, I stuff them into a little nook in the wall. It's behind the sink, but I can just get my hand far enough inside the crack so that I can stash the pills. Who knows, maybe if things go bad I can overdose.

I walk out into the lounge and of course, Gwen and MaryAnn are already here. Amelia comes out in a bit due to her being the youngest of us by far. Alexis struts out of the hallway and slams the two big orange double doors that guard us from the lounge and other places of the asylum at night. As if the industrial metal ones that they lock at night that they use to guard our rooms from the hallway wasn't enough. I don't know why they have the orange ones, they don't even lock them.

"Fuck you, bitch!" Alexis snorts.

I don't say anything and neither does Gwen, it's all MaryAnn.

"Who's the bitch, Alex? Hmm? Who is the bitch? Is it Alison? Is it?" MaryAnn throws questions at Alexis with the side note of being a complete pain in the ass.

"Linda is the bitch, Mary. Call me Alex again and your head will be in that wall, got it?" Looks like I'm not the only one to not like having their name abbreviated.

"Linda?" I interrupt.

"Yeah, the nurse that comes in at night and morning with the pills," Alexis says. Oh, so that's her name. I nod.

"So, what'd she do?" Gwen asks her.

"Shut up Gwendolyn," Alexis barks. "She-she found my stash."


"My stash of pills you asshole," she hits Gwen across the head. "I had a stash of pills hidden between my mattress and box spring."

I don't say anything more for an hour or two. My mind keeps traveling in different ways trying to figure something out, how Jenny died, how Linda found Alexis' stash, how MaryAnn is such an amazing pain in the ass. I just can't put my finger on either one of them. I'd like to start on Jenny's death though, just being killed like that and the machine is completely fine? It killed a girl and they're not even going to replace the god forsaken piece of shit? It just doesn't make any sense!

The other mystery I want to think about is this whole Alison thing, I've been told she was the demonic presence in my room but how could a girl that was actually here, look like that? All talons and razor teeth and glowing red eyes... Alexis told me that Alison was top dog in the asylum before she was killed. Always picked on her and the other patients, residents I should say. Always told them nobody would ever leave, just die when they were checked out. We knew what that meant now; die to be checked out.

My fist holds up my face by being imprinted to my chin. A stern look plastered on my face, and my eyes focused on something in the distance. Alexander strolls in and takes the seat next to me. He should be fine, after a few days of being strangled by a straight jacket in a foam room. I begin to lose my thoughts and tuck them into a filing cabinet in the back of my mind for safe keeping. I begin to actually have my mind focused on what my eyes are and I find something rather interesting.

A girl dressed in a black dress that falls between her knees and ankles. Dark hair that stops at her waist and bare feet. I turn my head and try to take in the sight. I look over my shoulder to the rest of the gang and look back only to have the bejesus scared out of me. The girl stares at me through the window and I'm sent flying out my chair to the ground and to the couch that Alexis and Gwen are seated on. I look down at the floor for a brief second and than back to the window; she's gone.

"Matthew, what's wrong?" Gwen asks me.


"Matthew are you alright?"

"Cat got your tongue?" Alexis asks.

"I saw her!" I cry. "I saw Alison again!" Alexis' and Gwen's eyes widen and than sink back into their normal expressions. They laugh.

"Careful what you say around here, Matthew," Alexis laughs.

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