Matthew Davis is a regular boy, on the outside. On the inside, he is completely insane, driven by insanity, like a mad hatter on crack. Pushed away by his family, how will he cope with his new found friends and the demon that controls the asylum?


1. Be gone

At the foot of my bed sits, him. The man, no thing, that runs my life haywire. A short, hairless, wrinkled, eyeless, monster with razor sharp teeth and nails for fingers. It claws murderously at my face and that is when I 'wake up' from my "hallucination,' as my nurses call it.

It isn't made up though, it's real. I know it. I can feel it. Everyone around me is scared of me. When they see me or are near me, they want to be covered in bulletproof armor.My mother has a total amount of four nurses at home to take care of me. I don't need them though, at least I don't feel like I do.

My little sister stands in the door frame and her scared, shaky, little voice tells me to get up. Damey, my favorite nurse, shoos her away.

"How are you feeling today, Matthew?" I am asked.

"Fine, thank you," I respond groggily.

Damey hands me the tray that contains what I think is breakfast. Oatmeal, a banana and a small glass of orange juice.

"You're going to Waterford, Matthew," Damey says, I can hear tears in her voice. I drop my spoon into my bowl and milk splatters over my pale, bare skin.

I throw a fit. Throwing my tray into the air and it comes crashing to the floor, sending the food everywhere and making a mess. I throw a tantrum fighting with my pillow and blanket into the air as well. I smash into the dresser and pull on a tee shirt frantically, and a pair of khaki shorts. I tear up my drawers and empty them onto the floor. I find a pair of socks and shove my feet into my sneakers.

"Matthew, Please!"

I am throwing everything I see into a backpack and zipping every zipper with frustration and aggression. When I zip the last zipper on the bag, the Russian nurse, Olga, tackles me to the ground with every other nurse except Damey.

I feel a sharp pain in my neck and realize it was a syringe piercing my fragile skin. I haven't been awake for a half hour and I have been tackled, syringed and I am starting to fade. It's eight o'clock in the morning and my eyes have shut completely, sending me into a parallel universe, with him.

I am in a blackout.

                                                                     *  *  *

My eyelids are heavy and I can't open them, no matter how hard I try. He is behind me, behind my closed eyes, in my brain. I am awake, I just can't show it. The darkness is making me feel self conscious and I start making retarded noises, until he disappears. Not forever, only for now.

"I just can't deal with him anymore!"

"Please Maria, he is your son!"

"No, not my son," A sour tone on that word. "He is not my son, he is a monster!"

Everything falls silent except for a whisper being tossed around.

"Be gone with him, to Waterford!"

I feel myself being lifted. I am scared and can barely open my eyes. I know where I am going. A mental asylum. Waterford. Waterford Metal Asylum.

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