Matthew Davis is a regular boy, on the outside. On the inside, he is completely insane, driven by insanity, like a mad hatter on crack. Pushed away by his family, how will he cope with his new found friends and the demon that controls the asylum?


11. Amelia goes head to head with a ghost


The strange no longer silenced porcelain doll stands proudly underneath Alison, who is clinging onto the ceiling effortlessly. The low doglike snarls ripping through the ghosts teeth send shivers up my spine like the long fingernails of my mother when I wasn't such a mental case, when she could accept me, when I was me.

Gwen darts forward, lunging at the ghost, and within seconds before her stands Alison with her teeth bared aggressively and her long hair hanging in her face like the grudge.

"Hello, Gwendolyn, what brings you to me this fine morning?" Mouths the demon.

I take a quick glance at my watch and the time is 12:01.

"Leave us all alone, Allison!" Gwen pipes.

"Leave you alone? You never left me alone, why should I return a favor to you, you little bitch?" Alison barks. "You fucking killed me, Gwendolyn!"

Alison's hand shot up to Gwen's throat and I couldn't move to save her. The muscles in her hands expanded and contracted as she struggled to free herself, but Alison's hands and knuckles turned whiter than they already had been, and crushed Gwen's neck like a pancake.
Blood prickled down her chin and than onto her clean white shirt. A queer smile crept upon Alison's deceased face and she dropped Gwen upside down on her head. I flinched as I heard the cracking of her skull and the sight of her eyes roll back into her head as she twitched. The girl had been unable to breath, her neck had been crushed into nothing and her brain had more than likely been punctured deeply from the broken skull.

Alison knelt closer to Amelia as the devious smile disappeared. The little girls hand stretched out to meet the demons face, touching it's cheek and smoothing itself against her hair.

"I've always loved you, Amelia," cooed Alison. "I always thought of you as my little sister. Why did you lead me to them though, dear?" She shot a cold glare at Alexis, "oh, I know why. Alexis, isn't it? You promised this poor girl my bunny if she did you a favor. You were never told about their wicked plan were you Amelia? But you hid behind the door and watched me die because you knew you couldn't do anything about it, yes? You knew that if you tried to save me you would more than likely be killed along with me.
"You take that bunny everywhere along with you, don't you, Amelia?" Amelia scrounged for the stuffed rabbit in the apron pocket of her black and blue striped dress and handed the toy to Alison. "Oh, Wolfie, how I've missed you," ironic, a rabbit named Wolfie.

Alison handed the rabbit back to Amelia and stood tall, continuously staring into the hole in the floor. Her long grey hand snaked over Amelia's chest protectively and I shuddered.

"She's mine now, Matthew," Alison states.

"No," I protest. "Amelia isn't yours! Sh-she's mine!" I've become strangely attached to the little doll as if she were my own sister as well, but my sister sucked. Never did anything interesting, always blabbed her fat mouth, and always tattled to my mother.

"Yours? In dreams of yours Matthew this little girl is yours. She was mine and always shall be, I don't care who you are."

"Alison, stop." Amelia squeaks louder than expected. "I am Matthew's now. Matthew is like the big brother I wish I'd had."
With this, Alison's eyes grew large with anger and her lips curled over her teeth like a Rottweiler after a cat

"Is that so?"
Alison pushed Amelia to the floor and kicked her to my feet. A soft whimper escaped her lips and she tried to immediately jump to her feet, but was knocked down again when I was pushed up against the wall and a long hand clasped my throat. My turn to be pulverized.

"Matthew!" Alexis screamed from behind Alison.

Her and Amelia ran closer to the demon and tore at her back to let go of me, I was starting to see stars, but before I was engulfed into the darkness, my neck was free and I was able to breath again, regaining the oxygen to my head.

Alexis knelt beside me and her hands scrambled along my face, looking for any damage that the long nails could have invented.

"Alison just stop!" Amelia screamed at the top of her lungs. The ear piercing screech hit me like a ton of bricks. This girl has a big voice, one that has been kept a secret for ages.

He is behind Amelia, waiting for her to be attached by Alison. It's almost like they are soul mates or something, he is always with her now that I am here.

"Oh, Jacob. Please, help me finish these misfits that have ruined pretty well everything in life for I and themselves."

"Yes, my darling." Jacob responds with satisfaction that he gets to do the dirty work.
The little dick tapped on Amelia's shoulder and took her into his arms, his hand clasped over her mouth as she struggled to get away. How she could handle all this, I have no idea, but she's handling this pretty well.

She digs her elbow into the Jacobs ribs, if he has them, and he howls. She spills to the ground and stands quickly. She is breathing heavily and Alison is by Jacobs side now as Amelia does something rather odd, but it works as the two demons cower.

She screams. She screams the word sapphire as if it were some power she had. Every syllable is pronounced as she screams and the last part, ire, is so high pitched, I think my ears are bleeding. I stand, blown away by what this girl is doing. Jacob and Alison disintegrate into dust as they stick to the ceiling and Amelia's scream fades away when she sees that what she did had actually worked.

"Matthew, Amelia, Alexis, are you out here?" Linda.

"Oh, shit!" Alexis cusses under her breath and grabs Amelia by the arm.

When we get to the rooms, we rid of the toilet paper in the locks and enter our rooms without hesitation. Linda, walks through the hall. I can't sleep until she leaves and when she does, I hear my name called. I get up and walk to the door, seeing the sparkle of Alexis' eyes.



"You were brave out there."

"Not as brave as Amelia."

"I know, but are you ok?"

"Yeah, fine. Why?"

"I just need to tell you something."




"I'm in love with you."


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