Matthew Davis is a regular boy, on the outside. On the inside, he is completely insane, driven by insanity, like a mad hatter on crack. Pushed away by his family, how will he cope with his new found friends and the demon that controls the asylum?


12. Alexis!

It's seemed like hours since I had that one odd sentence come from Alexis' mouth. Love? I don't think I have actually ever experienced love; I've always been pushed away from everyone my whole life, which sucks. I've never actually felt what love feels like, unless that odd feeling I had for Damey counted... So now I sit here on the edge of my bed, really early in the morning, thinking about that dreadful feeling. Love is those kids I have heard about that run the hallways that make-out with there significant other while shoved up against a locker door. Love is my mom and dad with my sister, they never had that with me, nobody did. I feel like that Dexter character in a book I recall reading my Jeff Lindsay.

"Get to sleep, Davis," orders Linda blackly.

"Get to sleep, Linda," I mimic.

"Matthew, It's four AM, don't make me come in that room and beat on you," she threatens.

"You wouldn't, your not allowed to touch us unless we're going crazy."

"Go to sleep."

*  *  *

I gasp and shoot upright, breathing heavily, sweat dripping from my face. I scrape my palm across my forehead and leave it there, allowing it to be covered in the disgusting fluid.
I change into some better looking clothes than the things I wore last night for our little 'brawl', and head out to the lounge.

"There's one of our heroes!" Gwen greets me from her normal seating arrangement.

"Matthew is the hero," Amelia smiles sheepishly.

I kneel down to her level and say, "you are the hero, Amelia. That was some pretty awesome screaming." Gwen laughs.

"Give me the cookies!" MaryAnn screams from the hallway. "My cookies, bitches!" She weaves around each of us, searching like a bloodhound.

"We get cookies at dinner, MaryAnn."

"Nobody asked you Gwendolyn!" She screams, and with that, she skips off and out of the room.

"Damn, fat ass."

Alexis arrives to the lounge shortly after and sits down besides me. I'm a little irritated, and we have to kill those demons, and I don't exactly know how yet. We should probably actually make our way to the basement this  time, which is still pretty far from the ground, and one of us go out the window with the demons. Seems fun...
Just a few more hours of simple planning and we can hopefully fulfill our mission. We have to get rid of those two demonic presences, if we don't, who knows what could happen to any of us?

I'm caught off guard as Alexis is called to the doctors office. I clench my fists and than flatten my palms across the arms of the chair. I keep repeating to myself, 'don't get off track. Don't.'
She's been gone about ten minutes. Twenty...thirty...thirty five... Scream.
I grab Gwen's hand and drag her into the hallway, down to Dr. Hivaids office. I claw at the door  and door frame, trying to figure something out; how to get in.
Suddenly I wail in pain. I look at my fingers, examining the one that has blood gushing from an newly opened wound. The nail of my left index finger had been hooked and taken off completely except for one little sliver at my cuticle; it's jagged edges would have to be removed by the doctor. Gwen catches a glimpse of my hand and she runs over to the railing and I hear her vomit hit the floor below us. Good to know she has a weak stomach.

"Matthew! Matthew!" Alexis screams inside.

"Alexis, hold on!"

My body hits against the door with a mighty force as I turn sideways.
I fly into the room and land on the shiny silver tray that contains the mini saws and needles out the wazoo. Alexis is tied to a table, her wrists, ankles, and neck is tied down by brown leather belts, tied as tight as they can be. Her mouth has been closed with a strap of duct tape since she screamed my name.

"Not this time, Davis!" Snarls a low, feminine, voice.

Alison shoots towards me with a mini saw in hand, though she doesn't do what I think she would. She doesn't stab me with it. She stabs Alexis.

Alexis' eyes held precious tears that were being wasted down her cheeks. The blade, still spinning, was stuck in her abdomen, underneath her ribcage. Alison howled like a banshee and disappeared into the ceiling.

"Alexis, hang on. Just look into my eyes. Please? Don't go," I morn.

"M-Matthew, just kill them. Kill them tonight."

I lifted my hand away from her and it was covered in the sticky, rich, hot liquid. My nose scrunched for a moment and than I tended once again to Alexis.

"I wasn't supposed to die today, but obviously God couldn't stop this. Lucifer was just to strong this time, and bet him at his vicious game of poker. Just promise me you will finish the Lord's job?"

"Of course."

"I love you Matthew," she whispered.

I placed my hand on her cheek and replied, "I  love you too, Alexis."

I spend the last few minutes with her, and when she drew in her last breath, it was quick. She went easily, though she bled out.

"This means war."


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