Matthew Davis is a regular boy, on the outside. On the inside, he is completely insane, driven by insanity, like a mad hatter on crack. Pushed away by his family, how will he cope with his new found friends and the demon that controls the asylum?


6. A dark truth

After my breakdown last night and being half scared to death to lay my feet on the concrete floor that is my room, my eyes wandered around my four concrete walls that form a plain, boring square. I can't seem to grasp onto last night, and even when I try it disintegrates as if it doesn't want to be discovered anymore. The little man just kind of disappeared with the other creature.

I dress in a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Sliding on my black sneakers I walk out to the lounge, being eyed by Gwen and a bright, possessive smile is dominating MaryAnn's face. A Cheshire grin, the cat's evil smile.

"What happened to you last night, Matt?" Asks Gwen.

"Nothing," I lie, "and I prefer Matthew, Gwendolyn."

We all sit and stare at each others hands that twitch nervously and I finally speak up about last nights experience.

"A woman," I start, "a young woman with red eyes and cold hands and long, freakishly long fingers." Gwen's face looks at mine instantly, her mouth forming into the shape of an 'o'. She looks like she's about to speak, but closes her mouth. "What is it Gwen?"

"That girl, I thought I was the only one that saw her," she started. "I know who she is, she used to be patient here, burned her parents house down with them inside. She soaked a cloth in chloroform before she set the fire. Nobody liked her here, so we decided to play a little game. We took her to her bedroom and we started beating on her, every single one of us. Except Amelia, who stood in the corner with the god damn rabbit that belonged to Alison, the girl. That's why she just sits there, with the rabbit like a baby!"

"Shut up Gwen, you ruined my sleep," Alexis spits as she walks into the room. "Alison, a harsh subject here, must you know. We killed her, the bitch, glad we did."


"Wait, she's dead?" I ask bug eyed.

"Yep, and guess who just moved into her old room," Alexis questions, "you."

I gulp, loud enough for Gwen to hear and she's halfway across the room. "Well, it's my turn to see the doctor!"

Gwen gets up and leaves, skipping down the hall towards the nurse. My head spins, and I blink rapidly.  I shake my head, trying to fight away the fear. Why would they kill a girl just because they didn't like her? That's insane.

"Matthew Davis?" I get up and walk over to the nurse. "Doctor Hivaids would like to see you."

"Thanks for ruining my appointment, Davis," scowls Gwen.

We walk down a long, narrow hallway and the florescent lights blind me. Around ten of them, all hung separately on thin wire. We pass several doors until we reach one that stands wide open, waiting for my entrance. A man in a white lab jacket is seated in a dark grey swivel chair, holding a notebook and reading quickly.

"Ah, Matthew, you've you been recently?" He asks slightly looking up at me.

"Fine," I say.

"Not that I've heard. You were having some difficulty last night?"

The hairs stick up on the back of my neck, "yes."

"Alright, thank you, now leave," Dr. Hivaids says, signaling away the nurse that helped me here. I take the seat that I am offered and am instantly asked a series of questions. "How long have you been seeing the demon?"

"As long as I can remember, it's taken over my life, not often I wont see it."

"I see," he writes notes, "you know his name?"

"I call it, 'Him'. I don't have another decent name for the thing that ruins my life!"

"Calm down now, Matthew," the doctor says, running his wrinkled hand in his salt and pepper hair. "Our first session for medical treatment will be tomorrow morning at ten. May you please send Jenny in please?"

                                                                    *  *  *

It's been at least an hour since Jenny went in for her treatment, and it's worrying me honestly. The nurse that walked me to the doctors office enters the room, handing Amelia a couple of pills and a glass of water.

"Come on dear, time to get you to bed," says the nurse. Amelia gets up and follows behind her down the hall. I wait until she gets back to ask her if she knows anything about Jenny. As she walks back into the room I stop her.

"Where's Jenny," I ask quickly.

"She checked out, deary," she answers me.

"Checked out? She got to leave?"

"Yeah, she's not leaving alive though." Gwen looks over her shoulder and the room goes silent. Jenny's dead?

"How is Jenny dead?"

"The shock treatment malfunctioned. Went from a minor shock to a full blasted shock, straight to her head and fried her brain," she starts, "though it is funny, there isn't anything wrong with the machine."

"FUNNY?" MaryAnn screams. "HOW IS THAT FUNNY? Jenny was my best friend in this rat ass dump!" She jumps up from her seat, runs down the hall and slams her door behind herself.

It's odd, how she'd just die like that. The machines little breakdown, but nothing being wrong with it. How I saw that Alison girl. Something's not right here and I'm going to find out what's happening.


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