We Hate It!

Credit to @wehateit_ on Instagram. Go follow her! Blithe if your reading this, I love you :)

We all know the site WeHeartIt, full of cute photos and adorable things. Well, what about We Hate It? Yeah, that's right. I'm going there.

Comment things that tick you off, get on your nerves or are #1 on your pet peeve list! They may get on the We Hate it list!

*****This is for entertainment!! Don't take anything too serious and have fun! These are honest opinions! This is not an attack on the website, WeHeartIt.com. I LOVE the website. This is the first We Hate It book on movellas, on my search. If there is another ACTIVE book like this, please tell me and don't get mad! I also will have co-authors! Ask if you want to be one!*****


3. Slow Computers


This might be one of my biggest pet peeves. When I open up my laptop, I type in movellas on Google search, and then it freaking says:

'This webpage is not available' 

wtf? And then of course I press the 'reload' button over and over again, and it says

'Oops! Google could not find your search'

So you mean google can't find google.com? 


So, that was my little rant over how stupidly slow google can get. I hate it. 

~Mellyyy :)

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